With Jenny Jinya, People Cry Once More Dogs in New Comics

Jenny Jinya, an artist and visual artist, is a well-known figure in the group. His animal-themed jokes are the main cause for his 315000 Facebook and 280000 Instagram fans.

Jinya is skilled at creating intriguing characters and narratives, but her work also addresses some of the most pressing concerns that domesticated and wild animals face today. Ecological corruption, contamination, and environmental destruction are only a few instances.

This time, the German illustrator has created a terrifying comic strip about a small puppy. “I apologise for taking so long to respond. “It was unbelievably dreadful to be drawn to me,” Jenny admitted to her fans, and we agree.

Jenny isn’t the only one who is concerned about animal maltreatment.

CREDIT: Jenny_Jinya

The craftsman was continuously worried by the reputation of these canines. They had been raised by her friends, and she recognised they were her most prized possessions.

Jenny was well aware that the pit bulls had been forced to fight and had so sustained legitimate wounds. Nonetheless, the analysis he conducted prior to drawing revealed a more internal and external aspect of it. “I was surprised to learn that pit bulls are willing to steal from normal households,” he explained. These creatures had hoped for a loving family, but were instead thrust into a world of brutality and separation.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has declared dogfighting a true crime in each of the 50 states. Regardless, as stated in this article, misbehaviour persists, and more dogs and felines are being enlisted in these wars.

People are crying and expressing gratitude for his efforts.

With Jenny Jinya, People Cry Once More Dogs in New Comics

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