‘Utter Bastard Cat’ Gets Hilarious Memo For Adoption And Everyone Loves It

This is Mr. Biggles, formally known as Lord Bigglesworth.

Lord Bigglesworth

Recently, the Cat People Of Melbourne rescued a full-blooded tomcat named Mr. Biggles. He also goes by the more cordial alias Lord Bigglesworth. Put up for adoption on PetRescue; he has his own hilarious memo describing the sheer terror that is this “Utter Bastard Cat.” He is over two years old, and the memo has people laughing all across the world.

Utter Bastard Cat

Written by Gina Brett, founder and co-ordinator of the group, it describes cats like him pretty well.

But he does have his good sides

Lord Bigglesworth

He is regular with his medications!

Lord Bigglesworth

Mr Biggles is a stupidly healthy raw fed cat but he will eat anything including your dinner if he can get away with it. Mr Biggles is desexed, microchipped (#956000006452667), vaccinated, flea treated and wormed ready to go home with you today!

It’s one of the most shared adoption memos ever!

Lord Bigglesworth

People can’t get enough of Mr. Biggles. I sure can’t. My own pet cat, Gray shares a lot of similarities with Mr. Biggles. But they’re both also incredibly endearing.

She goes on to warn the future human slave Mr. Biggles might get:

I don’t know about you, but I really want to give this guy a home!

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