Two Different Artists Re-Imagine Disney Princesses In Their Unique Style

Disney makes people come together.

Even people who despise each other’s guts will not fight if they see each other in a movie theatre while watching a Disney film. There’s just something about Disney movies and anything Disney-related that has a little Disney magic to it. Artists from all around the world are feeling the same way. How else do you explain two artists with vastly different styles collaborating on a mini-series in which they showcase their individual interpretations of Disney princesses?

First, we have Lesslie, a Venezuelan artist who has done an amazing job of bringing our favourite characters to life in her own unique manner. You’ll see right away that she has an endearing aesthetic while still retaining the essence of what made the original character so beloved. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t given this character her own personality, and I have to say, they all look fantastic.

You can see what I am talking about by scrolling below.

Source: DeviantArt | Instagram

#1 Jasmine is looking absolutely gorgeous here.

#2 We have Ariel with legs and also in her mermaid form.

#3 It seems that Cinderella got tired of wearing the glass shoes and decided to take them off.

#4 I am not sure about eating that pointy looking apple.

#5 It seems that Aurora still hasn’t learned her lesson and continues to touch thorns.

#6 Belle is using that mirror to keep an eye on the Beast.

Now that we’ve gotten that part of the mini-series out of the way, we can go on to the Disney side of things, which is almost perverse. Yaminolady, an artist, is the one who is bringing that side to us. They’ve done an amazing job of constructing these mysterious people. Each of these princesses appears to have a dark secret in their eyes that they are unwilling to reveal. And you can see what I’m talking about by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

Source: DeviantArt

#1 It feels like Megara could pierce my soul with that stare.

#2 Mulan seems to be deep in thought.

#3 Esmerelda has the sort of grin one holds when they are keeping a secret.

#4 Ariel has that superior look where she knows she is above humans.

#5 And last but not least, Snow White looks like an innocent girl who is secretly the villain.

What are your thoughts on this mini-series? Which of these illustrations is your absolute favourite? Do you prefer one style over the other? Comment down below and let us know.

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