This Artist Makes Flower Crown For Animals And It Looks Magical


The appearance matters a lot for humans, as well as animals. If you are a pretty sight to look at, trust me, everyone will love you for absolutely no reason.

There are numerous ways to LEVEL UP your game in terms of looks.

But, you’re just human, and beautifying your looks is a bit too mainstream.

That’s exactly what this artist, a college professor named Yarely, thought and came up with something “out of the box”. Yarely used artificial flowers to make Flower Crowns for animals. Yes, you read it right, flower crowns.

Yarely even makes custom made crowns for animals and states that every crown is unique in terms of compositions.

Well, scroll down to see the results yourself because we’re excited to show you.

image courtesy: freyasfloralco

#1. Call this cute? It’s the sweetness of honey within a photo!

#2. This is just too beautiful to be true.

#3. Sweet lord…

#4. Hey there!

#5. That face is what I want to look at right now.

#6. I’ll try everything to make you notice me.

#7. The million dollar look!

#8. I wish I could make this crown for my cat.

#9. The use of colours in this crown is just exquisite.

#10. A cat makes pink and blue go well together.

#11. This crown needs hard work to be made, and the look paid the price!

#12. This cat sure knows how to pose.

#13. The fur is complemented by the colour pattern of the crown.

#14. I swear this is the most elegant shade of blue I’ve ever seen!

#15. Sunflowers aren’t big flowers after all…

#16. Growling has never looked cute.

#17. This cat is so cute…

#18. I’m setting this picture as my phone wallpaper!

#19. Romeo? Is that you?

#20. This crown is just as unique as his eye colour.

#21. This is one handsome dog!

#22. I’m in a state of awe.

#23. Crowns aren’t just for the head.

#24. Cute dog!

#25. Oh, you graceful creation!

#26. This is my personal favourite crown.

#27. Can I have him?

#28. Can you teach me how to look that beautiful?

#39. Winks.

#30. The epitome of beauty!

Well, Yarely has done a fantastic job! Kudos to her!

Why didn’t someone ever come up with this idea before? This is just the sight you want to see when you look at animals.

What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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