These New Brutus And Pixie Comics Will Complete Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness

Brutus and Pixie introduced a new character in their series!

We all know Brutus and Pixie from their wholesome comic series, and we just can’t get enough of them! To top it off, they introduced a new dog in the comics; another huge doggo named Hugo. He is friends with Pixie, but Brutus isn’t aware of that.

Brutus tends to be protective of Pixie, so he has to keep an eye on her friends too. What a good dog! Check out the latest Brutus and Pixie comics below:


Pixie meets Hugo.

Meet Hugo.

Brutus seems concerned.

Pixie introduces Hugo to Brutus.

Hugo seems innocent! Come on, Brutus.

Hugo is now scared.

Brutus does not seem very concerned anymore.

Pixie is now learning to climb a tree!

She seems to have made a lot of progress.

She is scared now!

Help her, Brutus!

Brutus helps her down. Phew!

Almost to the top…

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