The artist tells a heartbreaking story about the damage caused by his 12 illustrations

Despite the fact that we all know that nothing lasts forever and that we are all human beings, our reactions when a loved one passes away demonstrate how little we actually understand. We forget our deaths and value everything, but when someone we love dies, we often find it difficult to deal.Dealing with bereavement and abrupt loneliness, on the other hand, is always terrible. A Philadelphia artist has decided to make a series of gorgeous drawings that depict what occurs when we lose something and are unable to leave it.



Tom Booth is also an artist, author, and art director whose innovative ideas have received widespread acclaim in the art world. “It’s Christmas,” “Day on the Beach,” and “Don’t scold!” were among the critically acclaimed titles he used. Written and informative. His most recent endeavour consists of earthy, sorrowful drawings that evoke old and emotional memories in us.This graphic depicts a sad and painful narrative about a woodcutter who refuses to fall in love with anyone. The poor woodcutter continues to carve it into the wood in order to preserve his memories alive till the end of his days, and he can wear it around his neck.






The artist gives us a sneak peek at a devastating storey that is set to be published shortly. Artist wants to publish a private narrative with a big storey. I still don’t want to announce how it will be released or give too much away about the plot, so I’ll just say it’s a narrative about loss and loneliness.






A Philadelphia artist created these stunning series of pictures depicting what happens when we misplace something and are unable to leave it.

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