The Artist illustrate a Emotional And Heart-Touching Comic About Pixie And Brutus

kliri_art (Katherine Kliri)is a 21 Young Russian artist she belong to Moscow and Comics artist she illustrate many comics about pets.(she said about that wholesome comic, Well… not quite MONSTERS, but it has costumes and Halloween theme, so I hope this counts: D I decided to make the comic, cause these characters are worth it!This is a real thing military brats do at times. I did it myself. Lots of money has been poured into small military uniforms and play bunker gear when my siblings and I were children. I am working hard to fill my dad’s shoes because I can’t join the military I have to work harder to find a similar career that I can be happy with.

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#1 Brutus, can we dress like superheroes for Halloween? Heh, come on.

#2 Later on Halloween

#3 Brutus! Are you just wearing your old uniform ?!“Yes and no, Pixie. I represent ALL military dogs. They sacrifice themselves to serve people and save innocent lives. They are loyal and courageous. All war dogs are superheroes for me.

#4 God, Brutus, this is so great! Thank You

#5 Okay, what is your costume?

#6 * sharp breath *

#7 I asked Mister Wrinkle to help me with all the colors … I wanted to look like you because … well ..

#8 I think my superhero … is You


#10 You Won

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I just came across these old pics. My girl Athena and her kitten, Simon. Simon had absolutely no trust for humans when I adopted him. It took over a month to get him to not hide under my bed and hiss at me, but as soon as he saw her paws near the bed he would come out and let her lick him, and he’d go in her kennel with her to sleep. She was his hero, I guess.

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