The artist captures the priceless fleeting moments of life with his wife, son, and dog (14 New Pics)

Have you seen a cute illustration series on the internet about a family and their dog? The ‘Bundle of Joya’ series went viral last year, and thousands of people continue to enjoy it.

Things have changed a little since then, according to Erez Zadok, a comic book artist and author, with the addition of his daughter May and Lina, his beloved wife, and their lives becoming even more colourful. In this new series, Erez shares all of the happy (and exhausting!) moments of parenthood. Despite the fact that Joya isn’t the centre of attention anymore, She continues to trail him around wherever he is, at all times. has anything to say on the subject You should also try barking.

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“An artist is normally commissioned by others, in my case writers,” Erez said of his initial goal and difficulty in creating his own art while working as a freelancer. They are the ones who create the atmosphere. This is one of the reasons I decided to write my own stories based on true events in my life..IReading all of the wonderful reactions from people all over the world brings me great joy, especially knowing that it is entirely my creation. Aside from that, I encourage all artists to keep innovating. “Creativity is like going to the gym; it’s difficult at first, but it gets easier with practise and patience.”


“I find it even more unique than flipping through her old photos on my phone,” Erez says of one of the many benefits of making his weekly cartoons on Instagram: “Every now and then, I can look back on my Instagram account and track May’s progress over time, and I find it even more unique than flipping through her old photos on my phone.” “I can look back on my Instagram account and see May’s progress over time, which I find even more incredible than flipping through her photos.”


Erez continues to tell these relatable stories to his global audience of over 100K people: “All of the encouragement we receive online is incredible, and it keeps me going. Of course, we have prints available if you liked it as much as we did.”

You may not realise it, but Erez enjoys sharing his not-so-secret love for the world’s most popular food: PIZZA. It appears to justify his insistence on including one or more slices in every cartoon he creates. Erez challenges you to return to the top and catch all of the pizzas before you go about your business! Have a blast!












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