The 10 Bravest Humans In Dragon Ball, Ranked

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball has achieved the very difficult feat of becoming a timeless shonen anime title that’s as popular now as it was over thirty years ago when it first made its debut. Dragon Ball never struggles when it comes to chaotic action spectacles and unbelievable transformations of power. The anime’s characters are incredibly powerful, but that strength is useless without the proper level of confidence and courage to back it up.

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The significance of Dragon Ball’s human characters has fluctuated over the years. It’s fair to say that these humans aren’t the strongest individuals in Dragon Ball, but they still represent some incredibly brave warriors.

10 Yamcha Has Grown Into A Complacent Last Resort

Anime Dragon Ball Z Yamcha Capsule Corp Gravity Training

The sad saga of Yamcha remains one of Dragon Ball’s best examples of a character wasting their potential and turning their back on the basic principles that drive the action anime forward. Yamcha is a reliable fighter in the original Dragon Ball and, without a doubt, a superlative human. However, Yamcha’s ambivalence begins to mount early on in Dragon Ball Zand he never fully recovers from his first death. Yamcha trades his fighting gi for a baseball uniform. If push came to shove, Yamcha would help defend his friends, but he’s not currently the bravest human in Dragon Ball.

9 Bulma’s Lack Of Fighting Skills Haven’t Held Her Back From Adventure

Bulma, Dragon Ball

Bulma will always serve an important role in Dragon Ball since she’s the first character who Goku meets in the series. She’s since gone on to become Vegeta’s wife. The significance of Bulma’s brilliance cannot be underestimated, and her brains have led to many technological breakthroughs in the series like the Dragon Radar and even a time machine. Bulma never takes up fighting, but she’s still willing to travel to Planet Namek, get mixed up with Captain Ginyu, and stand up against Lord Beerus. She’s surprisingly brave and doesn’t suffer any fools.

8 Videl’s Open Mind And Fighting Spirit Is Built Open A Strong Foundation

Anime Dragon Ball Z Eagle Kick Videl Against Spopovich

Videl is one of the most promising new characters to get introduced in Dragon Ball Z following the events of the Cell Saga. Videl differs from previous female characters in the sense that she practices martial arts and is set to carry on her father’s reputation as a legendary fighter.

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Videl only becomes stronger after she meets Gohan, and she’s able to develop rudimentary ki attacks. Videl steps away from battle after she becomes a mother, but she’s still confident and collected when in the face of danger.

7 Launch’s Reckless Ways Fuel Her Outlaw Behavior

The original Dragon Ball still features plenty of action and suspenseful one-on-one battles, but it’s also quite a comedic series, and many of the characters reflect broader and sillier sensibilities. Launch is a fascinating figure who experiences a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde style transformation whenever she sneezes. Launch’s polarizing personalities have made her a ruthless outlaw with a notorious reputation as a robber. Launch slowly fades into Dragon Ball obscurity, but her tendency to continually rob banks and put herself in danger definitely indicates a degree of fearlessness.

6 Mercenary Tao Thrives On Competition And Pressure

Anime Dragon Ball Mercenary Tao's Sword Breaks

The Red Ribbon Army is a major threat during the original Dragon Ball series, and even long after Goku successfully dismantles their forces, there are still remnants of the evil organization that plague the planet. The determined army has endless resources to take on a young Goku, but one of their top assassins, Mercenary Tao, develops a bitter grudge against the boy. Mercenary Tao is strong enough to kill people with his tongue, and he survives massive injuries and returns stronger than ever with a cybernetic upgrade. Tao never gives up, even after everything that he’s experienced.

5 Uub Is The Reincarnation Of A Natural Fighter With Tremendous Potential

Uub Fighting Goku

Uub doesn’t enter Dragon Ball until the defeat of Kid Buu, with his birth said to be the reincarnation of the villain’s pure energy. Uub is still just a child and largely ignorant of the immense power that’s inside of him. Yet, Goku is eager to push Uub beyond his limits.

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Uub hasn’t received a ton of development, but whenever he’s featured, it’s in the capacity of him lending necessary help to the heroes. Uub is still far away from realizing his potential, but he still has the fighting spirit and fearlessness of a hero.

4 Future Mai Helps Lead A Revolution To Save A Broken World

Anime Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Future Mai Prep

Dragon Ball Super features a powerful return to Future Trunks’ fractured dystopia timeline as a new threat, Fused Zamasu, threatens to ruin more than just one reality. A major surprise that comes out of this reunion with Future Trunks is that one of his most trusted allies from his timeline is Future Mai. A very innocent relationship blossoms between the two of them, and even though Mai is just a human with no real ki powers, she’s willing to fight for her world and help stand up for Future Trunks’ cause.

3 Master Roshi Is Always Willing To Jump Into Battle Despite His Old Age

Anime Dragon Ball Super Master Roshi Fights Caway Tournament Of Power

Master Roshi is one of the oldest humans in Dragon Ball, but his elderly age has never impeded his ability to defend himself and make an impact in battle. Master Roshi can admittedly be lazy, and he’s quite content with the relatively retired lifestyle that he’s built for himself. However, Roshi never refuses the call of battle, and Dragon Ball Super comes up with many opportunities for him to defend his planet and give it everything that he’s got. Roshi makes a big difference in the Tournament of Power even though he’s likely the oldest in the competition.

2 Tien’s Strength And No-Nonsense Attitude Leave Him Prepared For Conflict

Tien using the Neo Tri-Beam in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power

It’s important to remember that at one point in Dragon Ball, Tien was someone who was stronger than Goku, and he was able to best him in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Tien’s relevancy increasingly dwindles, but Dragon Ball Super makes it clear that he never fully abandons his training and he even founds a reputable martial arts school. The greater strength of Goku and Dragon Ball’s other Saiyans usually means that Tien’s help isn’t needed, but he’ll be the first one to step up to the challenge and help out.

1 Krillin Remains On The Front Lines Of Battle And Always Gives His All

Krillin is typically treated like Dragon Ball’s most important human character, largely because he fulfills the role of Goku’s best friend on many occasions. What makes Krillin such a compelling figure is that he’s far from the most powerful fighter, but his indomitable will is often enough to make a difference in battle, or at least inspire others to transcend their limits. Krillin has had his moments of cowardice where he doubts that he’s still powerful, but Goku helps him get his groove back, and he’s emerged from Dragon Ball Super more fearless than ever.

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