Stray Dog Who Was Continuously Trying To Steal Unicorn From The Store Gets Both The Toy And Permanent Home

No doubt dogs are man’s best friends, yet who are canines’ dearest companions? Stuffed purple unicorns, clearly. A story about this wanderer 1-year-old pit bull named Sisu circulated around the web as of late. Sisu attempted to take a stuffed unicorn on different occasions from this Dollar General. The owners of the shop continued tossing him out, yet Sisu was consistently returned, ran directly to the stuffed toy aisle, and snatched a similar unicorn each time.

The owners of the store called animal control to take away the dog and when they came to bring Sisu with them, an official named Samantha Lane purchased the stuffed purple unicorn for the pupper. From that point forward, Sisu happily came with the officials.

More info:

Stray dog was looking for a friend. When he failed to find any, he moved to a nearby store and tried to steal unicorn toy

The canine couldn’t be isolated from his toy and goes through consistently with it. The shelter laborers thinks that Sisu either had a comparative toy or his owner had one actually like that. After Sisu’s post became a web sensation, he and his #1 toy got adopted and discovered their permanent home.

Sisu consistently went to toy aisle and grabbed same unicorn toy every time

Samantha Lane who is animal control officer was called to pick up Sisu

This kind hearted officer bought the unicorn toy for the Sisu


Since then they have never been apart from each other and spends all the time together


Someone from the shelter shared his story on social media in the hope Sisu will get forever home

In the post, they stated: This is the thing that happens when you break into the Dollar General reliably to take the purple unicorn that you made a case for however then animal control brings you to secure you for your B and E and burglary yet the official buys your thing for you and gets it with you.


Here she is the lady animal control officer named Samantha who bought unicorn toy for Sisu

There’s good news for Sisu after the post went viral, many people are showing desire to adopt Sisu



Hope you guys find Sisu’s journey interesting. If that is the case share your dogs with their favorite toys in the comments below.

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