Since this artist is unable to keep pets in his flat, he puts digital furry creatures in real-life scenarios (29 New Pics)

Yee Chong, a Malaysian artist, creates the cutest little digital creatures and brings them to life by bringing them into our daily lives. The artist creates fantastical creatures that imitate actual animals, with the mischievous fox as the main character and other animals making cameo appearances.But he makes them much cuter by putting them in daily situations and giving them a variety of lifelike facial expressions that will make you go “aww.” The furries are so lifelike that you’ll want to foster them for cuddles! And if not, on behalf of mankind, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, pleaseMake an animated film out of them!

The artist has continued to come up with adorable and amusing real-life scenarios for these animals, and we couldn’t keep them from you because they are great for brightening your day!

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“Because my apartment has a no-pet policy, I can only have a fictitious pet. Also, it began as a challenge to paint realistically, but it turned out to be famous “Bored Panda spoke with Yee Chong about how his fictional digital world came to be.

The artist places his characters in believable everyday scenarios, giving the impression that they are his furry friends. The little fox is a permanent character in Chong’s drawings who is arguably the cutest and could easily be called his pet.All interactive situations mimic life with an animal that all pet owners can relate to, from making it eat vegetables to styling it with a hairdryer, from interrupting work by resting on the keyboard to displaying all sorts of attitudes.

We were fascinated by how the fox came to life. “The fox’s design is based on Silver, my art’s mascot, which I developed ten years ago. To cater to a wider audience, I’ve decided to make him smaller and cuter “Chong clarified.

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Chong claims that his favourite musician, Ovopack, has influenced him. The majority of his drawings are inspired by his imagination of what it would be like to have a fox as a pet, but he often incorporates funny animal memes from the internet as references, which adds a humorous aspect to the artwork. The artist’s creativity and the distinct style he built over the years deserve the most credit for the end result.

“It’s somewhere between realistic and cartoony,” says the artist. Chong explained his personal style. “Over the years, I’ve played with a variety of styles (cell shading, painterly, watercolour, etc.) before settling on my current style, which best reflects my art vision/goal.”

Chong spends about 2 hours on each image, depending on its complexity. Coming up with an idea, photographing it, sketching on top of it, and painting it in Photoshop are all part of the process.

Chong is now employed as a freelance illustrator after leaving his nearly decade-long job as a graphic designer, which, while artistically satisfying, comes with its own set of challenges: “As an artist, the most difficult thing for me is to strike a balance between my personal life and commission work so that I don’t burn out.”

Time management, making a regular schedule, and attempting to stick to it, according to Chong, are key elements in keeping the balance.

Yee Chong currently has 154k Instagram followers who are enamoured with his work. It’s not surprising: the feed is overflowing with cuteness, which is reassuring for those looking to take a break from reality for a while.

“‘OMG SO CUTE’ is probably the most popular comment I get on Instagram, and I appreciate it.”

“Receiving comments/email/message about how my artwork brightens someone’s day motivates me to keep drawing,” the artist says of the encouragement and support he receives from his audience.

We asked Chong for some tips for aspiring musicians looking to break into the industry.

“Developing an art style should not be a top priority; instead, concentrate on the basics. When you understand the rules, you’ll be able to break them with ease, and your personal style will emerge naturally.”

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