Sakura Haruno Has the Best Character Arc in Naruto Part 1

Sakura Haruno is often thought of as the black sheep of Team 7. Many fans overlook her accomplishments in favor of god-like titans such as Naruto and Sasuke. Even fans that grew to like Sakura in Part 2 tend to have a poor perception of her character in Part 1. Despite the general controversy over Sakura, the heroine with pink hair had one of the most compelling character arcs in Part 1. She might not have had a tragic backstory like Sasuke or possessed a demon fox like Naruto, but she developed more than any other character. It is in fact because Sakura in Part 1 had no dark history or special powers that her character arc was so dynamic.

Before the start of Naruto, Sakura had a relatively easy and privileged life. She lived in one of the most powerful villages with both of her parents and she excelled at her studies in the Academy. At this point in her life, she had not had to deal with any major hardships or acknowledge the hardships of others. As far as she was aware, her life would continue to be this simple and carefree forever. All of that changed when she was assigned to Team 7 with Naruto and Sasuke. From that moment on, Sakura’s understanding of the world and the people in it grew immensely.

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Sakura’s Disillusionment

The first time Sakura’s worldview was challenged was when she blamed Naruto’s poor behavior on his lack of parents and Sasuke chastised her for it. When he told her she didn’t understand what it felt like to be alone, her initial perception of her teammates changed. Before this, she’d only seen Naruto as the annoying class clown and Sasuke as the cool boy she had a crush on. Now, they looked more complicated than the archetypes she had fitted them into. After this, Sakura tried to be nicer to Naruto and attempted to see the boys on a deeper level.

Sakura would continue to have her assumptions challenged during the team’s first real mission in the Land of Waves. Because she grew up in a prosperous village like the Hidden Leaf, she was shocked to see the poverty affecting the Land of Waves. For the first time, she directly witnessed despair and hardship. She started to realize that life could be extremely difficult for other people. This motivated her to help the people in the Land of Waves and help Naruto get stronger.

Sakura was the top kunoichi, or female ninja, of her graduating class. Life at the Academy came easily to her and, because of this, she assumed that being a real ninja would be just as simple. Both she and the rest of Team 7 quickly learned that was not the case. Through her experience with Zabuza and Haku, she learned what a real ninja is: A professional whose life is always in danger, who does not show emotion, and who fulfills their mission at any cost. The slightest mistake could mean death, for herself or her teammates. For someone who’d been so focused on studying, the reality of the career and its dangers were crushingly daunting. However, by the end of the Land of Waves mission, Sakura had accepted these complicated realizations about being a ninja, who her teammates were, and the world they lived in.

Was Sakura Strong Enough to Stand on Her Own?

sakura vs ino from naruto

After understanding the cruelty and difficulty of her world, Sakura struggled with whether or not she was strong enough to be a ninja. When Kakashi offered to enter Team 7 in the Chūnin Exams, Sasuke and Naruto agreed without a second thought, but Sakura was hesitant. She questioned if she was ready for the exams and if she would be a burden to her teammates. Eventually, she gathered enough confidence to participate. Sakura chose to believe in herself and her own abilities.

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The exams progressed without major issues until the Forest of Death, when Naruto and Sasuke were both defeated by Orochimaru. With her teammates out of commission, Sakura had to defend them by herself against three Sound ninjas. Although she put up a valiant effort, she ultimately had to be saved by Rock Lee, Team 10, and Sasuke. Even though she was unable to successfully defend her teammates alone, she proved that she was willing to do what was necessary to protect her friends, even at the cost of her life.

During the preliminaries, Sakura was selected to compete in a one-on-one fight against her lifelong rival, Ino Yamanaka. This fight was important because it was the first time she’d faced a challenge while entirely isolated. Before this, she had relied on Team 7, or her other friends, to come to her aid. Even before becoming a ninja, Sakura had relied on Ino to defend her against bullies. For this match, she could not count on anyone else. She ultimately proved during the fight with Ino, to herself and to everybody watching, that she could stand on her own two feet like a true ninja. This moment also motivated her to become strong enough so that Naruto and Sasuke could rely on her as well.

Sakura’s Love Wasn’t Enough

sakura crying as sasuke leaves naruto

Sakura in Part 1 was fond of declaring that love overcame all. She continuously asserted that if she just continued to believe in the power of love then things would turn out well for her. After Sasuke lost to Itachi and began to act distant, Sakura attempted to fix things by looking after him in the hospital and caring for him. This seemed to annoy him and tension continued to boil until he challenged Naruto to a fight. Their battle escalated when Sasuke and Naruto used deadly force against each other. Ultimately, Kakashi ended the fight. Team 7 was strained, but Sakura hoped that things would return to normal eventually.

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Sakura confronted Sasuke when he attempted to leave the village. She knew she could not physically prevent him from leaving so she attempted to rely on the power of love. She professed her feelings for him and promised that everything would work out if he just stayed with her. This failed. Sasuke abandoned the village and Naruto was badly injured in his attempt to bring him back. This painful experience taught Sakura that her love and faith were not enough to protect her teammates. She needed to be strong. Strong enough to help Naruto bring back Sasuke and spare him from further pain. This event pushed her to start her two-and-a-half-year training under Tsunade.

In Part 1, Sakura went through difficult trials that tested the boundaries of her ignorance, self-doubt, and heartache. After each hardship, she came out stronger, more confident, and more aware of the world. She learned to see Naruto and Sasuke for the people they truly are. She endured the difficulties of being a ninja. And she understood that acquiring more strength would be necessary for her to accomplish her goals and protect the people she cared about. With all of these avenues of growth, Sakura had the most realistic and compelling character arc in Part 1.

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