Realistic versions of Disney Princesses are too real to believe they are just art

We have grown up admiring the Disney Princes and Princesses. Our obsession with the Disney characters is something irreplaceable. The animated characters have the most beautiful features. Hair, skin color, lips, everything is so magical and beautiful. Have you ever wondered how our Disney Princes and Princesses would look like in real life? We are not talking about the ones you see in the Disney movies but the living Princes and Princesses straight from the Disney World. We guess it would be impossible to find their real versions but looks like someone has done this. A very talented artist Toyboyfan has used his creative skills and artificial intelligence to bring the Disney characters into life. Scroll down to see how your favorite Disney character looks like with real features.

1. Tiana.

2. Moana

3. Kristoff Bjorgman

4. Elsa

5. Anna

6. Ariel.

The realistic versions are deceiving. We can’t believe they are just the artwork. These Princesses look so real and so beautiful. We love how perfectly the artist has given each Princess unique human-like features. The artist took the photos of the Disney Princesses and found their look-alike people. Then he merged the two photos in the Artificial Intelligence program. He kept on merging the photos until he got the satisfying results. He then used Photoshop to create similar features as the original character and boom, the results were incredible. We can’t take our eyes off of these beautifully realistic images of our all-time favorite Princesses. Scroll down to see more.

7. Belle

8. Queen Idun

9. Honeymaren.

10. Prince Hans

11. King Agnar.

12. Ryder

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