Pokémon: 10 Times Ash Lost The Respect Of His Friends

Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime is not perfect. Sometimes he does things that are insensitive, morally dubious, or just outright wrong, causing his friends to see him in a different light.

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While it must be remembered that Ash is still just a kid, there are certain things that he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with regardless of his age. Stealing and wrecking someone else’s property, denouncing someone’s way of life, and using underhand tactics to gain an advantage are not things Ash’s friends take lightly, and they’re sure to let him know when he’s let them down.

10 Ash Allows Pikachu To Face Raichu Again

pokemon ash pikachu in bandages thunder stone

In the aftermath of Ash’s loss to Lt Surge in “Electric Shock Showdown,” after wavering on whether to evolve Pikachu or not to give Pikachu a better chance at winning, Ash lets Pikachu decide, and it wants to have another go at Raichu instead of evolving. Considering the way their first battle went, Misty thinks Ash shouldn’t make Pikachu battle again, even if Pikachu says it wants to, while Brock thinks Ash should change his strategy and use some of his other Pokémon. From the outside, it looks like a strange, even dangerous decision, but it all turns out well in the end for Ash and Pikachu.

9 Ash’s Desire To Win Fairly Against Brock Did Not Please Misty

pokemon brock professor ivy battle

While some would say it’s admirable that Ash initially turns down the opportunity to win his battle with Brock in “Showdown in Pewter City” because he had an unfair advantage, that being the sprinklers being set off, in Misty’s eyes he passed up a perfectly good opportunity because he decided to be “a nice guy.” This must have been particularly irksome to Misty, given that her bike was rendered unusable by Ash. She must have thought it somewhat hypocritical that he wasn’t exactly nice to her but was nice to Brock instead.

8 Ash Had To Fight To Gain Pikachu’s Respect

pokemon ash wearing rubber gloves pikachu tied up

The pairing that would go on to become great friends didn’t start out that way. Ash got stuck with Pikachu because he woke up late on his 10th birthday, the day he got to claim his first Pokémon. Due to Pikachu’s refusal to get inside his Poké Ball, Ash tied him up with string and dragged him along a dirt road, something Pikachu didn’t particularly enjoy.

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With Ash wearing pink rubber gloves to block Pikachu’s electricity, who knows what Pikachu must have been thinking about his new owner. Ash ended up earning Pikachu’s respect, however, by putting himself in danger to protect his Pokémon, and the rest is history.

7 Ash Said That Perfume Is For Suckers

pokemon ash offends girls

Ash manages to offend a number of women when he goes off on a tyrade against perfume while in a perfume store in “Pokémon Scent-Sation!,” Episode 26 of the anime. His exact words are: “Perfume is a waste of money, and it stinks!” When asked for an explanation for his outburst by Erika, the store manager, Ash digs himself into an even deeper hole, saying perfume turns guys into zombies. Brock, Misty, and even Pikachu back Erika up as she has Ash thrown out of the store.

6 Ash Obtained His Cascade Badge In Dubious Circumstances

pokemon misty shouts at ash

Ash and Misty’s Gym battle in “The Water Flowers of Cerulean City” is interrupted by Team Rocket and their giant vacuum machine. Pikachu blasts the trio with Thunderbolt, and Ash shuts off the vacuum machine. While Ash and Misty dispute the way the match was going before it was stopped, Misty’s sisters hand Ash the Cascade Badge because Pikachu saved everyone, much to Misty’s chagrin. The episode ends with the two still bickering about Ash winning the badge.

5 Ash Thought Iris Was A Pokémon And Tried To Catch Her

When they first meet in “Enter Iris and Axew!,” the 2nd episode of the Black & White series, Ash thinks Iris is a Pokémon and tries to catch her, throwing a Poké Ball that hits her in the head. After her anger subsides, she lets Ash know that he’s got a long way to go as a Trainer if he can’t tell the difference between a human and a Pokémon. From this less than auspicious beginning, there are instances all throughout the anime where Iris is unimpressed by Ash’s words and actions.

4 Ash Stole A Boat, Much To Misty’s Annoyance

pokemon ash misty brock steal a boat

In “Beauty and the Beach,” the 18th episode of the anime, Ash, Misty, and Brock commandeer a speedboat. While Ash thinks Brock borrowed it from a friend, Brock says he was only following Pikachu, but since Pikachu follows Ash, ultimately the blame lies with him. Not wanting to be aligned with a thief, Misty lets Ash know just what she thinks of his naivety.

3 Ash Worked With Team Rocket To Get Into Celadon Gym

pokemon ash dressed as girl with team rocket

In the same episode where Ash offends users of perfume, he teams up with Team Rocket in order to get into the Celadon City Gym. With the help of Team Rocket, Ash dresses as a girl and infiltrates the Gym, but soon outs himself with his voice.

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Resorting to such underhand tactics doesn’t please the gang, particularly Pikachu, who shocks Ash’s disguise right off. Erika agrees to battle Ash, and he is able to get the Rainbow Badge in the end, but he had to pay a pretty price in dignity and respect.

2 Ash Lost Togepi And Was Nonchalant About It

pokemon misty angry at ash

In “Battle of the Badge,” Episode 63 of the anime, Ash accidentally loses Togepi. Thinking Pikachu is on his back, he turns around only to see that it’s Togepi, and in his surprise, he throws it up onto a flagpole. It bounces off it, landing in a Fearow’s mouth. When Misty reprimands him, Ash says “It was an eggcident,” making light of what is a traumatic event for Misty who, understandably, is appalled by Ash’s behavior.

1 Ash Trashed Misty’s Bike, Making The Worst First Impression

pokemon misty with wrecked bike

It’s not cool to borrow someone else’s property and not look after it. That’s exactly what Ash did to Misty’s bike, when they first met, no less. Ash is caught by Misty while fishing, and he then “borrows” her bike, which he ends up destroying. Misty doesn’t get her bike back until Episode 273, no thanks to Ash. This entire fiasco is the reason Misty joined up with Ash in the first place.

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