Pixie and Brutus: Three New Comics

It all started with a fairly benign strip, Brutus and Pixie. A cat and a dog have an unusual friendship. He is completely unaware of the critical and dangerous situations that surround him.

Brutus, on the other hand, is a large, scarred German Shepherd. Brutus is similar to Pixie in some aspects. They had picked up on something. He’s a tough military dog, but he has a soft spot for pixie and will go to great lengths to protect her from the harsh truths of life. Ben had no intention of making his travels into a series, but his followers (and the majority of the internet) thought it would be a shame not to.

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As you can see from these strips, there is no disease where Paxis and Brutus live. “I’ve never put incidents in any of the comics; it’s not something I’ve chosen to do, and it’s not something that comes naturally to me. Maybe if my jokes were about people instead of cats and dogs, things might be different.


While we’re on the subject, the proliferation of the coronavirus has had minimal effect on artists’ creative output. They said that I was already in jail for the day because I draw comics alone in a dark room at home. In that regard, not much has changed.


If you go to Ben’s Instagram page, you’ll notice that his art isn’t just about Pixie and Brutus. You may also get fish that date, more confident fitness coaches that educate individuals how to act like lions, and much more.

It’s a completely unique idea that I came up with on my own. When I think of humorous things, Pixie and Brutus aren’t the only ones that come to mind. Consider a narrative where P and B aren’t really needed, therefore I substitute them with other recurrent or wholly new characters.

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