‘Pixie And Brutus’ Play Hide-And-Seek In New Comic

Ben Hed, a talented artist and the creator behind the beloved ‘Pixie and Brutus’ series has just put out a new comic in which Pixie and Brutus play hide-n-seek! And yes, it’s about as cute as you can imagine. 

For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Pixie and Brutus,’ it’s about two complete opposites and their love and friendship. Brutus, an older military dog who has seen some pretty dark stuff is adopted into a family that has a wee little kitten named Pixie. Pixie is all things innocents and Brutus feels obligated to shield and protect her from the world. It’s heartwarming and totally adorable. 

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1. Dog - One... Two... Three... hehehe O @pet_foolery 2. Cartoon - Roll Roll STICK STICK @pet_foolery 3. Head - Thirty-nine... Forty. Alright, ready here I come. or not, O @pet_foolery 4. Facial expression - Hehe, Brutus will NEVER find me. I look JUST like a pile of leaves! It's the perfect camel-floss. O @pet_foolery 5. Cartoon - It's "camouflage." WHA?! You found me already?! @pet_foolery 6. Cartoon - Well, leaves don't usually talk out loud to themselves about how much they look like leaves. Oh. Right. O @pet_foolery 7. Cartoon - Also, ya didn't cover your butt. Darn it! O @pet_foolery

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