Pixie And Brutus New Halloween Comic That will Make Your Day

Even the witty comedians Pixie and Brutus would prefer not to be caught without a Halloween costume with only seconds to spare as All Hallows Eve approaches. Another Halloween humorous animation featuring the odd squad has been created by Ben Head, a Minnesota-based illustrator.

Pixie, “a small, pleased, excited kitty feline,” had driven her to seek down her dearest friend garments on a horrible occasion. Bertos, a monster, corrupted German shepherd, continually requests a charming feline, resulting in a humorous style show.

“Actually, Pixie and Brutus had yet another wild idea at work,” the head added, referring to the creature’s prominence. I had no intention of turning these into a series. ” I merely think it’d be a bad idea to introduce a small cat to a massive, terrifying warring canine, since it might result in a weird creature relationship. Brutus made wisecracks, which people enjoyed so much that I kept telling them about them.

Look down to see Pixie and Brutus dressed up for Halloween, and maybe grab yourself a costume!

Credit: Instagram | pet_foolery

Pixie And Brutus New Halloween Comic That will Make Your Day

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