5 Harsh Realities Of Being An Earthbender (& 5 Perks)

Known for their strength, courage, and grit, Earthbenders have the ability to manipulate the second of the four elements; water, earth, fire, and air. Earthbenders seem to have an almost infinite supply of resources to use to their advantage. They can use their skills to build, weaponize them for defense, and combine their individuality with their powers to create a unique craft.

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Each element from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender is different, with its own advantages and pitfalls. So it is no surprise fans love to debate the topic of which element would be the best to harness, as it certainly isn’t an easy calculation to make. Environmental, economic, and practical factors must be taken into account, as well as an individual’s unique strengths and goals.

10 Harsh Reality: They Were Captured By The Fire Nation

9 old earth kingdom man from avatar

Being an Earthbender was synonymous with being imprisoned in Book 1: Chapter 6 of Avatar. When Aang and his crew came across an Earth village in this episode, there was only one Earthbender that had not yet been taken by the Fire Nation; Haru. Haru had to hide his Earthbending skills and practice them in secrecy in order to avoid the grim fate of his father and comrades.

Unfortunately, Haru was also taken after an old man reported him to Fire Nation Soldiers. Being an Earthbender at this time wasn’t easy, as they all faced isolation, imprisonment, and betrayal – even from their own fellow villagers.

9 Perk: They Can Use Solid Objects With Bending

Only Earthbenders can utilize solid materials in their craft. This ability sets them apart from other elemental tribes. From creating their own projectiles and imprisoning their attackers in a rocky cell, to combining earthy materials and creating walls of defense– Earthbenders are known for being able to manipulate their environment by harnessing the earth around them.

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Earthbenders can more easily capture their opponents, as seen when General Iroh was detained in a hot spring by thick stone spikes. Airbenders, Waterbenders, and Firebenders are all incapable of bending solid forms, much to the advantage of Earthbenders.

8 Harsh Reality: The Earth Can Be Used Against Them

Korra trapped with earthbending

In Book 1: Chapter 7, Prince Zuko kicked a boulder that had been launched at him by Earthbenders, successfully deflecting the attack and causing his attackers to be showered by the rock instead. General Iroh also weaponized the Earthbenders’ own rocks against them in the same battle scene.

When a boulder was flung in his direction, he made use of the chains around his hands and managed to wrap them around the gigantic rock, which he then hurled back at his opponent. Although only Earthbenders can utilize the earth through bending in battle, members of other elemental tribes can still counter with basic hand-to-hand combat techniques (similar to the ones used by Prince Zuko and General Iroh).

7 Perk: They Have Access To Pure Jennamite

2 Katara and Sokka inside crystals

Jennamite was introduced to fans in Book 1: Chapter 5 in the form of rings. Also known as creeping crystals, King Bumi slid these rings onto Katara and Sokka’s fingers when he took them prisoner. The Jennamite that started on their fingers had continued growing until it was up to their necks. If King Bumi hadn’t released them from the Jennamite, they would have suffocated after being fully enveloped in the crystal.

Besides being an extremely effective torture chamber and weapon, Jennamite is also made of rock candy, so Earthbenders can take advantage of the Jennamite’s continual growth as an endless supply of sweets!

6 Harsh Reality: They Are Useless Without Solid Earth


Earthbenders are rendered defenseless without rock and stone around them to use. Note that all the Earthbenders of Haru’s village were hopeless and powerless after being caged in a facility made of metal they couldn’t bend. Their spirits were broken.

This is very much unlike Waterbenders, who can find water to use in everything living – even humans. Waterbenders can get creative when they need to and have even been known to use their own sweat and tears, while Earthbenders must be in an environment that already has everything they need.

5 Perk: They Have Access To Unagi

Unagi made its debut in “The Warriors of Kyoshi” when the fire nation soldiers had left the city ablaze. Avatar Aang rode the gigantic eel Unagi and used it to shoot powerful bursts of water, successfully putting out all flames and saving the city from further ruin.

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If Aang was capable of taming the humongous eel after one visit, then imagine what an Avatar living by the eel could accomplish with it. Since the Unagi inhabits the body of water in the earth village of Kyoshi, it is a powerful creature a nearby Earthbender could take advantage of.

4 Harsh Reality: Very Few Can Obtain The Power To Metalbend

Metalbending is an extremely hard skill to learn and is known to only be learnable for a small percentage of Earthbenders. Being the founder of Metalbending, Toph was able to determine a way to gauge this potential in others. Metalbending allows Earthbenders to manipulate metal as if it were stone. The skill is extremely difficult to achieve because it requires the user to see the impurity of the metal. The majority of Earthbenders are blind to the trace amounts of earth in metals, making it impossible for them to learn.

3 Perk: They Can Use Rock Wearables

Although Earthbenders cannot use anything naturally on their person, like Waterbenders who can use their own tears, some Earthbenders have gotten creative with ways they can use their powers through the use of wearables. Earthbenders have been known to wear shoes made of rock, which enables them to walk on rock walls, ceilings, and slide across the earth at remarkable speeds – making them extremely versatile in battle and elsewhere.

Another known wearable is rock gloves. Rock gloves can be used to scale rock walls in conjunction with rock shoes (or not). Rock gloves retain their shape when projected, and can be used to throw punches from meters away, to fetch objects at a distance, or even grab and detain their opponent. Toph could steal infinite amounts of money with rock gloves in her hands.

2 Harsh Reality: They Rarely See The World

Bolin earthbending a ceiling

Earthbenders are not known for their travel. Many stay in the Earth Kingdom working for the package delivery service outlined in “The King of Omashu.” Without the ability to fly like Airbenders, and without access to flying bison, a nomadic life is not a common one for the majority of Earthbenders.

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Members of the Earth, Fire, and Water nations are known for staying where they were born. Most don’t have a reason to leave. It’s so rare to leave one’s home village that Katara was going to stay in the South Pole if she didn’t meet Aang. She would have abandoned her Waterbending gift instead of traveling to learn from another tribe.

1 Perk: They Can Build Almost Anything

team avatar in omashu

Earthbenders have the ability to create anything – as long as it’s made from solid earth. They can create whole cities or even whole kingdoms from stone. They have been known to create their own wearables, weapons, and forms of transportation. The speedy delivery system that was featured in the Kingdom of Omashu is a notable example. Earthbenders are even capable of creating amusement parks out of stone – which they have already unintentionally done, as Bumi and Aang made apparent in “The King of Omashu.”

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Carter smirks as T'Challa looks uncomfortable

What If…? Every Episode, Ranked

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10 Anime That Prove That You Can Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Animation studios marketing their series know that they only have a precious few seconds to intrigue and capture an audience. Studios presenting stories that might have only a niche audience have to be especially clever with advertising.

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Anime typically receive a series of PVs to help advertise the series, and some anime are presented with such broad appeal that a lot of people take interest. But those who sit through the series soon find out that its actual content doesn’t quite match up with the initial image. They might be hiding their premises or lead to an unexpectedly complex narrative, so some anime shouldn’t be judged merely by their appearance.

10 School-Live Poses As A Cutesy Slice-Of-Life Series

Yuki In School-Live

Audiences are introduced to School-Live through the perspective of its protagonist, Yuki Takeya, who seems like an average high school girl living her school life. In truth, Yuki is living through a zombie outbreak in a post-apocalyptic landscape that was once her school. The rest of the School Living Club works to protect Yuki’s delicate psyche from the truth, making for an experience much different than what audiences are initially shown. Instead of a cute slice-of-life high school series, School-Live is about surviving the zombie apocalypse.

9 Spice & Wolf Is Impressively Thorough In Its Economics

From the outset, Spice & Wolf seems as if it’d turn into a romance drama since Kraft Lawrence and Holo grow increasingly close through their journey. But while there’s the occasional obvious flirting here and there, Spice & Wolf spends most of its time on the detailed economics and world-building of its fictional locations. The attention to detail on how currency exchange, trading, and travel works in its antiquated time period is both surprising and impressive. Spice & Wolf places Lawrence’s mercantilism center stage and lets the romance slow burn in the background.

8 Higurashi: When They Cry Turned Out Surprisingly Gory

On the surface, Higurashi: When They Cry resembles a school comedy anime with a protagonist who’s presumably destined to have a harem. In reality, Higurashi is an intense, gory thriller anime that revolves around a murder mystery and the supernatural.

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More surprisingly, Higurashi contains a time loop mechanic that presents the same mystery to viewers several times with the intention of helping them solve the mystery. The deaths in this anime are disturbingly graphic, so anyone wanting to watch the series should research it a bit first.

7 Death Parade Hides An Important Message In Its Edgy Premise

main cast posing in death parade opening

The opening song and animation for Death Parade is perhaps the most misleading part of it, but even the edgy Death Games that take center stage distract from the real message of the show. Underneath the gratuitous violence, Death Parade is primarily about connections between others and the fleeting nature of life. Death Parade questions what it means to live, how one might live a fulfilling life, and how to be grateful for the life you have. Audiences get to watch Decim slowly realize what it means to be human.

6 School Days Had An Ending No One Was Expecting

Another anime that poses as a typical school romance drama, School Days takes several turns in its narrative that audiences weren’t expecting. Starting as a love triangle between Makoto Itou, Kotonoha Katsura, and Sekai Saionji, the anime soon displays Makoto engaging in reckless infidelity with several girls at school. The most shocking part is its ending, which resulted in Makoto’s and Sekai’s deaths. This anime is based on a visual novel, so only audiences who read the original could have been prepared for such carnage.

5 Golden Time Spiced Up The Cliched Love Triangle Trope

Golden Time Love Triangle

Appearing to be a run-of-the-mill romance drama, Golden Time employed a cliched narrative in a novel way and presented a somewhat surprising ending. Banri Tada suffers from amnesia due to a previous accident and is essentially starting over his life with no memories of his past. Amnesia is a clichéd trope but the way it’s employed in Golden Time makes Banri’s struggles with himself the main antagonist in the love triangle instead of the girls. Usually, the love interests work against or hold animosity for each other, but Koko and Linda get along just fine.

4 Steins;Gate Delivers A Good Ending Despite Its Hopelessness

Rintaro and Mayushii Surprised in Steins;Gate

While Steins;Gate presents itself with a slice-of-life flair initially, it quickly gives way to murder, time travel, and government conspiracies. Part of Steins;Gate‘s charm lies in the fact that it takes place in a very relatable real-world setting and even employs real-world conspiracy theories in its narrative.

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But what most would expect to end up as a tragedy actually ends up receiving a well-deserved happy ending for Rintaro Okabe and the rest of his lab members. Steins;Gate is a story of perseverance and hope wrapped up in layers of despair.

3 Fruits Basket Turned Out To Be A Compelling Character Drama

Fruits Basket 2-17 featured

High school romance dramas and comedies are overwhelmingly popular tropes, so it’s not surprising that they’re used to draw in audiences. Fruits Basket is another series dressed up as a school romance but goes much further into its large cast of characters than would be expected. Instead of focusing on the drama between the main characters, Fruits Basket dives deep into the complexes of the Sohma family and presents a story that’s primarily about learning to love yourself. This series has more to offer than an ordinary high school drama.

2 Made In Abyss Isn’t Afraid Of Shocking Its Audience

In Episode 10, Riko is crying in agony and is about to die due to poison.

Young Riko’s yearning for adventure and her lost mother understandably compels her to take on the challenge that is the Abyss, where her mother mysteriously vanished. Adventure series with young casts aren’t uncommon but Made in Abyss takes a shockingly realistic approach to Riko and Reg’s travels. While the Abyss is presented as dangerous from the start, it’s not until Riko and Reg become its victims that the Abyss’s deadliness is truly understood by audiences. The Abyss also works its way into the minds of characters and warps their humanity, as seen with Bondrewd.

1 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Reinvented The Magical Girl Genre

madoka crying from madoka magica

Recognized by primarily schoolgirl casts and cute magic, the magical girl genre has been a staple trope in anime for decades. Sailor Moon is likely the most popular instance of magical girls getting a significant upgrade, but Puella Magi Madoka Magica also dared to challenge the status quo. Turning the usual upbeat, pure trappings of typical magical girl anime on its head, Madoka Magica is rife with suffering and despair. Those who are compelled by its adorable opening sequence should research the series a bit before picking it up, as the series turns quite dark in Episode 3.

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Luffy from One Piece & Naruto

10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Shonen Anime

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10 Strongest Characters Goku Couldn’t Beat Alone

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is a series that’s practically become emblematic of the action-heavy shonen genre as a whole. For more than three decades, Dragon Ball has kept audiences entertained by the increasingly impressive battle theatrics of Goku and the rest of Earth’s heroes who fight to keep the universe safe from dangerous threats.

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Dragon Ball has developed a bit of a pattern where the bragging rights over defeating a villain typically fall upon Goku, but there have been plenty of times where Goku needed to lean on his friends for support.

10 It’s All Hands On Deck During Earth’s Fight Against Vegeta

The first showdown between Goku and Vegeta is a Dragon Ball highlight. Goku does the heavy lifting, but success would be impossible if not for the assistance of Gohan’s Great Ape form, Yajirobe’s sword, and Krillin. Part of what makes this first fight against Vegeta so effective is that Goku isn’t stronger than his opponent. It’s only after a series of coincidences and group support that a disparate collection of heroes are able to make enough of a collective impact on Vegeta. The final stages of this fight feature Goku helpless and on his back, just like Vegeta.

9 The Showdown Between Goku And Frieza Wouldn’t Be Possible Without The Help Of Goku’s Friends

There is a long enough stretch of episodes where Goku and Frieza are locked in one-on-one combat with each other on a dying Planet Namek that it’s easy to forget how many players are initially in this fight. Goku’s late to arrive, but Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Krillin are able to hold their own against Frieza and push him to his final form. Additionally, Goku’s success against Frieza wouldn’t be possible without the power boost that he experiences when he becomes Super Saiyan, which in itself would be impossible without Krillin.

8 Goku Passes The Hero Torch To His Son In The Battle Against Cell

Dragon Ball falls into a bit of a predictable pattern where Goku typically swoops in to save the day. Dragon Ball Z’s Cell Saga is such a refreshing change of pace because it slowly culminates in Gohan surpassing his father in strength.

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Goku becomes confident that his son will be the one to overpower Cell, but he still has to push both of them to reach this state of enlightenment. Goku’s role against Cell cannot be underestimated because without his Instant Transmission abilities then Cell would have blown up Gohan along with Earth, yet it’s Gohan who scores the win.

7 Goku’s Spirit Bomb Against Kid Buu Would Be Useless Without Everyone

Goku has plenty of efficient techniques that he can use to eliminate his enemies, but more often than not his powerful Spirit Bomb is his preferred way to put an end to a battle. Buu represents a new level of chaos and power for Dragon Ball’s heroes. Everyone is able to play a part in the prolonged fight against Buu and his many forms, but the conclusion functions as a fitting celebration of Goku’s hero status. Goku uses a massive Spirit Bomb to destroy Buu, but it’s only possible because Earth’s population trusts Goku enough to lend him their strength.

6 Jiren’s Defeat Requires The Collective Efforts Of Universe 7

Anime Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Goku Frieza Android 17 Team Attack

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power differs from previous competitions since it adopts a battle royale structure where everyone is able to fight at once. That naturally lends itself to some satisfying group fights while Universe 7 does whatever they can to come out on top. There’s a glorious celebration of teamwork between Goku and most of Universe 7 against fused threat, Anilaza. However, the more epic altercation is when Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 channel their strength against Universe 11’s Jiren. Each member of this trio contributes crucial power to this coordinated attack.

5 Fused Zamasu Has Goku And Company Resort To Every Trick In The Book

Zamasu merging with the universe

Dragon Ball Super’s Goku Black Saga is surprisingly nihilistic for the anime. There’s an extended look at Future Trunks’ dystopia timeline and an evil Goku doppelgänger who achieves immortality and nearly wipes out all mortals.

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There are a few tactics turned to in the heroes’ hopes to defeat this threat, including fusion and the Mafuba. In the end, Goku relies upon Future Trunks’ Sword of Hope, in conjunction with a necessary intervention from Omni-King Zeno, to finally eradicate Zamasu.

4 Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan Strength Pushes Goku To Fusion

Anime Dragon Ball Super Broly Gogeta Broly Fight

Broly has always been one of Dragon Ball’s most popular characters and he’s the inspiration for three Z movies and copious non-canonical video game narratives. Dragon Ball Super: Broly, aims to properly bring Broly into the series, while revising his backstory at the same time. Goku and Vegeta can become Super Saiyan Blue, but Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan strength is still too much for them. Goku needs to resort to the fusion dance with Vegeta just to stand a chance against Broly. 

3 Goku Would Be Useless Against Beerus Without The Help Of The God Ritual

Dragon Ball Super introduces some important new tiers of celestial power, primarily Gods of Destruction and Angels. Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, is hungry for a satisfying fight against a Super Saiyan God. The only problem that Earth faces is that there isn’t any Super Saiyan God who currently exists. Goku is eventually able to access this new power and keep the Earth spared from Beerus’ destruction in the process, but it’s only because of the help from the other Saiyans in his life. Goku undergoes a Super Saiyan Ritual in order to accomplish this transformation.

2 Moro’s Defeat Involves A Concentrated Effort From Earth’s Finest

Dragon Ball Super’s manga features a supremely intimidating galactic menace, Planet-Eater Moro. Moro is a deadly magic user who has a destructive reputation that surpasses that of Frieza and even Buu. Moro is powerful in his own right, but he stages a jailbreak of the Galactic Patrol headquarters, which pushes Dragon Ball’s supporting characters to jump into action. The final fight against Moro boils down to a spiritual spectacle between Moro and Ultra Instinct Goku, but victory wouldn’t be possible without the help of Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission and the extra energy that Uub provides.

1 Granolah Pushes Goku And Vegeta To Surpass Their Limits

Granolah Has Instant Transmission

The most recent villain in Dragon Ball Super’s manga is the confused survivor of the Cerealian race, Granolah. Granolah accomplishes incredible things in order to become the strongest individual in Universe 7, which is something that Goku and Vegeta continue to struggle against. Goku’s newly perfected Ultra Instinct isn’t enough to take out Granolah, nor is Vegeta’s aggressive Ultra Ego power boost. It remains unclear how Granolah will be defeated, but it’s very likely that it will involve Goku and Vegeta’s cooperation, if not more help from other people.

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Sasuke Using Rinnegan And With Chidori Katana

Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He’s Not A Hero

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10 Anime Heroes Who Are Overlooked Because They’re Just Average

When it comes to anime (especially the more action-oriented shows),the heroes tend to be larger than life. If they’re not as godlike as Son Goku, they’re tragically weak like Shinji Ikari, but then there are those who fall in the middle.

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There are a lot of average anime heroes but, true to their nature, they get overshadowed by their mightier friends. While this may be expected for sidekicks or supporting characters, this lackluster fate doesn’t spare protagonists.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

10 Naruto — Tenten Was A Weapons Master Among Superpowered Ninjas

Tenten Unleashes Her Arsenal In Naruto Shippuden

As a ninja, it only made sense for Tenten to master as many weapons as possible. In terms of skills, Tenten was one of the best weapons experts in the original Konoha 12, and her bottomless arsenal plus expertise in the sealing arts of Fuinjutsu only made her more formidable. The problem is, her otherwise impressive skill set was mundane in Naruto’s world.

Naruto was populated by ninjas who were supernaturally empowered or literally demonic, and Tenten was neither. Unlike her peers, Tenten was born without even the most rudimentary of chakra levels, forcing her to compensate with weapons. Not helping were the rest of Team Guy, whose fearsome martial artists and Byakugan users overshadowed her.

9 Gintama — Shinpachi Shimura Was The Most Normal Odd Jobber

Shinpachi Hangs Out With The Odd Jobbers In Gintama

If Gintama were a comedy act, Shinpachi would be the straight man. Not only was Shinpachi the most normal person in the Odd Jobbers or in an alien-ruled Feudal Japan in general, he was as average as a teenager could get. In fact, Shinpachi faded into the background so often that his name jokingly became synonymous to boredom.

In the rare times Gintama got serious, Shinpachi was there to back up Gintoki and Kagura. Even if his only weapons were a wooden training sword and otherwise average swordsmanship skills, Shinpachi gave it his all. Shinpachi’s genuine heroism didn’t stop everyone else from overlooking him or not realizing he was there at all, though.

8 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters — Mai Valentine’s Average Duelist Skills Drove Her To The Dark Side

Mai Fights For Dartz In Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters

On her own, the severely underrated Mai was a good duelist who specialized in quick victories with her offense-heavy Harpie Lady deck. However, when compared to almost every other named duelist shown in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mai was painfully average. To add insult to injury, most of her victories occurred off-screen and she lost most of her shown duels.

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If Mai’s bad streak could be dismissed as sloppy writing in early seasons, it was her angst during the “Waking The Dragons” arc that sealed her fate. Fueled by her insecurities of always being overshadowed by Yugi, Seto, and Joey plus constantly being looked down upon, Mai joined Dartz’s fanatics and was gifted with their effective but dangerous trump card: The Seal of Orichalcos.

7 Slam Dunk — Hanamichi Sakuragi Was The Self-Proclaimed Genius Of Basic Basketball Skills

Sakuragi Catches The Rebound In Slam Dunk

As far as Sakuragi was concerned, he was the greatest basketball player to ever grace the realistically drawn sports classic Slam Dunk. The truth was that Sakuragi was average at best and a clueless beginner at worst. In fact, the one skill that Sakuragi was most proud of (namely rebounding) was the most basic of basics.

While Sakuragi proclaimed himself King of Rebounds, everyone saw him as a loudmouth. This backfired for Ryonan when their coach, Moichi Taoka, wrote off Sakuragi as Shohoku’s weak link. Because Taoka didn’t take Sakuragi seriously, Ryonan’s team didn’t anticipate Sakuragi’s rebounds wiping out their momentum and costing them the regionals game.

6 Hellsing Ultimate — Seras Victoria Still Had A Lot To Learn As A Vampire

Seras Provides Sniper Fire In Hellsing Ultimate

Among normal humans, Seras was amazingly strong and powerful, even if she was only recently turned into a vampire. When put beside other vampires, though, Seras was an obviously inexperienced newcomer. While she had a vampire’s brute strength and lots of guns, Seras had yet to surpass being an average vampire.

Before Millennium’s war, Seras relied on her human skills and was still hesitant about vampirism. Because of this, Zorin Blitz didn’t think much of Seras and enjoyed torturing her before killing Pip Bernadotte for good measure. This cost Zorin her life when she enraged Seras so much that she embraced her bloodlust and pulverized Zorin to gore.

5 Black Lagoon — Rock Was A Salaryman In The Criminal Underworld

Rock Watches His Plan Come Together In Black Lagoon

Roanapur is a lawless cesspool where the world’s worst criminals and killers come together. Basically, it’s the last place anyone would expect to see an unassuming Japanese salaryman like Rokuro Okajima not just live, but thrive. Now going by the nickname “Rock,” Rokuro  gradually became the brains of the Lagoon Company.

Because Rock was as average as any guy could be and had no combat prowess. Even petty criminals to their ruthless bosses treated him like a naïve pushover. Rock used this advantage and his business savvy to get everyone to owe him a favor while manipulating Roanapur’s cutthroat ecosystem for his own ends, especially in Roberta’s Blood Trail where he basically called all the shots.

4 Fairy Tail — Lucy Heartfilia Is (Technically) The Most Average Member Of Her Guild

Lucy Gets Ready To Fight In Fairy Tail

On her own, Lucy is a skilled and powerful Celestial Spirit Mage as evidenced by her ownership of ten of the twelve legendary Gold Keys. As a member of the Fairy Tail guild, though, Lucy comes across as average when put beside walking powerhouses like Natsu (aka The Fire Dragon Slayer) or Erza (aka The Queen Of The Fairies).

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If not for her teammates, Lucy would’ve been considered immensely powerful by others. That said, Lucy more than made up for the gulf in power levels serving as her guild’s brains and also being a good friend in general. This didn’t stop Lucy from training hard, which resulted in her becoming one of the strongest mages in the realm.

3 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann — Simon Was Always Stuck In Kamina’s Shadow

Simon Holds His Own Drill In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Everybody looked up to Kamina, especially his younger brother Simon. Because of how awesome Kamina was, almost nobody respected Simon, let alone acknowledged his existence. Not helping was how Team Dai Gurren was comprised of fighters like Yoko or Kittan, who dwarfed Simon in skill and just saw him as Kamina’s kid brother.

Worse, Simon was his own biggest naysayer, even if Kamina believed in him and knew he’d succeed him. Kamina’s wish came true in the worst way possible after his death forced Simon to take his place. Simon surpassed his average self to become just as inspiring as his brother, even though fans tend to remember Kamina more.

2 Bleach — Rukia Kuchiki Was One Of The Most Competently Average Shinigami Around

Rukia Kills Time Under The Trees In Bleach

Despite being Bleach’s most prominent Shinigami, Rukia was merely competent when she was first introduced. While she had impressive swordsmanship and Kido skills, Rukia was overshadowed by almost everyone when it came to brute strength. That, and she was officially just a foot soldier in the 13th Division.

Because of this, Rukia was underestimated by everyone she clashed swords with – including enemies like the Arracnar’s elite soldiers, the Espada, or even fellow Shinigami. Foes like Aaroniero Arruruerie only realized their folly too late, and it was usually after Rukia surprised them with an attack they didn’t expect her to pull off.

1 The Ghost In The Shell Series — Togusa Was Section 9’s Only Physically Human Member

Togusa Listens To The Major In Ghost In The Shell

Section 9 is comprised of army veterans & espionage experts, and each member’s expertise was enhanced by cybernetic implants. But then there’s Togusa, an ex-cop whose only mechanical organ was a cyberbrain and one of the few (mostly) human characters in the scarily prophetic Ghost In The Shell. Besides his archaic preferences, Togusa was more everyman than black ops agent, as seen in his normal family life.

It’s because of this normalcy that Togusa became the butt of Section 9’s jokes and was often underestimated by cyborg terrorists. That said, Major Motoko Kusanagi recruited him precisely because of his humanity, which she and everyone else lacks. With Togusa around, Section 9 can remain grounded no matter what.

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Featured image of Zero, Acnologia and Jellal

Fairy Tail: 10 Villains With The Dumbest Goals

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MHA Characters Who Use Multiple Quirks – and How They Work

WARNING: The following contains minor spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually one Quirk per person in My Hero Academia. However, some extraordinary circumstances have resulted in a few characters welding more than one. Here’s a list of the select few heroes who have used — or currently use — multiple Quirks.

Katsuki Bakugo: Explosion and (Briefly) One For All

10 Ways Bakugo Has Become A Better Character

Bakugo’s Explosion is one of the stronger Quirks in My Hero Academia, but Heroes Rising proved it wasn’t all-powerful. When he and Deku faced Nine, the only way they could defeat the villain was by sharing One For All. Bakugo quickly adapted to its use though, and together they made short work of Nine. Additionally, doing this amplified Bakugo’s own Quirk and made his explosions even more powerful. While he held it, his blasts were on a whole other level.

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Gigantomachia Uses an Incredible Seven Quirks

Gigantomachia burrowing through earth

As All For One’s most loyal servant, it’s only natural that Gigantomachia would receive a few power-ups, and his master spared no expense in making him a beast. His naturally tough constitution allows him to endure seven Quirks, a number that would normally be impossible for one person to withstand without serious body modifications. Gigantomachia’s combination of Quirks makes him almost impossible to defeat and earned him the nickname “walking natural disaster,” as he leaves only destruction in his wake wherever he goes.

Neito Monoma, Class 1-B’s Ultimate Copycat

Anime My Hero Academia Neito Monoma Copy Quirk Harden

Class 1-B’s Phantom Thief has one of the most enviable Quirks in My Hero Academia. His Copy allows him to replicate the Quirks of up to four different people he touches for 10 minutes. During that time frame, he can use all the Quirks he’s copied to his heart’s delight. This freedom allows him to combine them for super moves that would be otherwise impossible to perform. When combined with his immense intellect and knack for figuring Quirks out, Copy makes Monoma quite a tricky customer to deal with in battle.

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Kurogiri, Shigaraki’s Mysterious Guardian

Kurogiri Tending The Bar

Tomura Shigaraki’s guardian appears to have only one Quirk — the sinister-looking Warp Gate. However, Season 5 of My Hero Academia revealed Kurogiri’s true identity as a Nomu. Furthermore, his Warp Gate combines several different Quirk factors that allow him to create his shadowy portals.

Kurogiri, formerly a UA student and best pal of Eraser Head and Present Mic, used to be known as Oboro Shirakumo. He was a hero-in-training and his Quirk, Cloud, forms the base of Warp Gate. The exact number of Quirks combined with Cloud to create it hasn’t been revealed yet but given Warp Gate’s versatility and accuracy, it shouldn’t be less than three.

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Izuku Midoriya Discovers One For All’s Origins

Anime My Hero Academia Midoriya Blackwhip Catching Debris

When Deku first received One For All near the start of My Hero Academia, he had no idea just how much danger and responsibility would come with the Quirk. Apart from putting him in the crosshairs of Japan’s most dangerous villains, One For All had the Quirks of all its previous users locked within it and he now has to master them all.

He’s only used Blackwhip so far in the anime, but the other Quirks shouldn’t be too far behind. In the manga however, Deku has unlocked several more: Fa Jin, Smoke Screen, Float and Danger Sense. These Quirks make him one of the most powerful people currently in My Hero Academia.

Tomura Shigaraki Goes Plus Ultra With Multiple Quirks

Shigaraki injured in My Hero Academia

As part of the process that was supposed to transform him into All For One’s next vessel, Tomura Shigaraki was fitted with a large number of Quirks that had been previously stockpiled. He was awoken prematurely yet even in his incomplete state, Shigaraki was more than a match for several top heroes teaming up against him. From EMP blasts to regenerative powers, the new Plus Ultra Shigaraki’s Quirks are diverse and powerful.

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Shoto Todoroki, Born of Fire and Ice

Shoto is the singular instance of someone being born with multiple Quirks in My Hero Academia. Such a rare occurrence didn’t happen by chance, of course. Endeavor wanted a child who’d inherit his flame Quirk but without his tendency to overheat from using it. His solution was to procreate with Rei, who had an Ice Quirk, and together they had a son. Shoto’s Fire and Ice are distinct enough to be classified as two different Quirks; they’re vastly different powers and he can use either one independently of the other.

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Lady Nagant, “Gifted” a Second Quirk From All For One

My Hero Academia Deku Lady Nagant

All For One tasked the rifle-armed assassin Lady Nagant with bringing Deku to him. To make her work easier, he granted her his own Air Walk Quirk, allowing her the power of flight and all the advantages it came with. Unfortunately, this gift came with a price — All For One had rigged it with a trap set to activate should her convictions ever waver.

Nine, Who Used All For One in Heroes Rising

Nine Creates a Thunderstorm, My Heroes Academia Heroes Rising

The main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Nine had the capacity to wield eight additional Quirks in addition to his Weather Manipulation. Before he could steal enough fill every slot however, he was defeated by Bakugo and Deku using Two One For All. Nine gained his synthetic All For One Quirk from Dr. Garaki, who used him as a test subject to determine whether the process to grant Shigaraki his mentor’s Quirks would succeed. The operation was a success, but Nine was unable to use his Quirks to their fullest extent because of his deteriorating health.

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The Previous Users of One For All

Unlike Deku and All Might, the previous users of One For All had their own Quirks in addition to the power-stocking ability. Since OFA wasn’t as powerful in their time as it is now, they used it in tandem with their original Quirks, strengthening it in order to pass it down until it was strong enough to finally defeat All For One.

All For One Has Used At Least 10 Quirks

The villain boss is singlehandedly responsible for all but two of the entries on this list, whether directly or indirectly. All For One’s initial Quirk allows him to steal those of others and either use them himself, or transfer them to those willing to swear loyalty to him. His fascination with Quirks has led him to experiment on them extensively.

He created the Quirk monsters known as Nomu with Dr. Garaki, but that wasn’t the extent of their collaboration. Together, they devised ways to create synthetic Quirks through experiments and shelve them for later use. The exact number of Quirks he’s stolen over the years is unknown but in his battle against All Might, he used no fewer than 10. But given All For One’s age and greed when it comes to Quirks in My Hero Academia, the number could be well into the hundreds.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji Itadori salutes

Jujutsu Kaisen: Itadori’s Unruly Past Unexpectedly Catches Up With Him

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Happy and Other Fairy Tail Character Designs in Edens Zero

Many of Hiro Mashima’s characters from Edens Zero and Fairy Tail share visual similarities. Is this out of laziness or something more?

Hiro Mashima is a popular mangaka who has enjoyed great success from his works Rave Master and Fairy Tail. His most recent series, Edens Zero, now has a Netflix anime adaption. Fans of Mashima’s previous work will more than likely notice familiar character designs from previous series reappearing in Edens Zero. Some of these designs have general similarities to characters of the past, while others are carbon copies of beloved past characters. Mashima is well known for creating characters with similar designs to his previous works — both Rave Master and Fairy Tail share characters that could be mistaken for long-lost twins.

Star System

astro boy

It’s easy to assume that the reason Mashima has so many characters with the same design is out of laziness. It’s easier to pull designs from previous work than come up with brand new, unique designs for each series. Although this is possible, there could be another reason behind it. Mashima isn’t the only famous mangaka who reuses characters. The creator of Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka, often reused characters in different roles across his works. This practice became known as Osamu Tezuka’s Star System.

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Mashima is potentially employing the same tactic with his own characters, with the similar designs across his work also acting as Easter eggs for older fans. Regardless of Mashima’s reasoning, his reuse of character designs is clearly intentional and has not hampered the success of his manga.

Happy & Happy

Happy from Edens Zero and Fairy Tail

Happy is the most obvious of Edens Zero’s callbacks to a previous character in Fairy Tail. Both characters share the same name in both Edens Zero and Fairy Tail and are almost identical. Happy is a blue cat with a white stomach that can talk and walk upright. The only visual difference that exists between them is the different colored tips of their tails. The Happy in Edens Zero has a black-tipped tail while Fairy Tail’s is white. The Happy in Fairy Tail can also use magic to give himself wings. Although they play different roles in Edens Zero and Fairy Tail, Happy is still the loveable mascot of both series.

Shiki Granbell & Natsu Dragneel

Shiki Granbell & Natsu Dragneel

The similarities between the main characters of Edens Zero and Fairy Tail are striking. Both characters have the same general face and sport wild, spiky hair styled in almost the exact same way. The two characters even share the same thin, reptile-like dark eyes and muscular build. The main differences between the two appear in their hair color and style of outfit. Natsu has pink hair while Shiki rocks a solid black color.

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Natsu’s outfit leans more toward his background as a mage with his iconic white scarf. His clothing is very flowy and easy to move around in. An open black and gold waistcoat, baggy white pants and black sandals complete his look. Shiki’s outfit is much more urban in design. He wears an open red jacket with a red and white t-shirt underneath, paired with baggy green pants tucked into black boots.

Rebecca Bluegarden & Lucy Heartfilia

Rebecca Bluegarden & Lucy Heartfilia

The two female protagonists of both series also share a lot of similarities. Lucy and Rebecca both possess long blonde reaching their waists, although Rebecca’s hair is more of an ash color while Lucy’s is more gold. Both women have wide eyes, Rebecca’s blue and Lucy’s brown, and they share the same curvy body type.

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Although their outfits change periodically, both women wear very similar clothing. They even have the same blue and white color scheme. Lucy’s most well-known outfit is a sleeveless blue and white top, a blue skirt that holds her Celestial Keys and whip, and thigh-high leather boots. Rebecca’s outfit consists of a sleeveless white jacket with a blue collar, black sleeves with gold trim, a black, and a gold skirt and boots.

Elsie Crimson & Erza Scarlet

Elsie Crimson & Erza Scarlet

Right off the bat, the names of these two characters bring up numerous similarities. The two names are almost like someone was looking for a synonym of the other. Both Elsie and Erza sport bold red hair, evoking their namesakes, which is worn in the same style. Although they have very different color palettes, both designs bring to mind the idea of a knight in armor.

Erza dresses more like a traditional medieval knight with her chest plate, armor and gauntlets. Beneath the armor, she wears a blue skirt and knee-high boots. Elsie’s outfit is much more sinister in appearance, evoking the imagery of a dark knight. She wears a black eyepatch that covers her right eye. Her torso, arms and legs are all covered in black armor with what appears to be a black leotard underneath. Over it all, she wears a long black cape with gold trim and her space pirate insignia on the back.

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Why Are the Saddest, Most Depressing Anime So Popular?

Why Are the Saddest, Most Depressing Anime So Popular?

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This Time Jenny jinya comic About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep

We feel as though we have been struck by feelings and tears are difficult to keep down. German craftsman Jenny Hafsick, referred to online as Jenny-Jenny, has delivered her most recent buttway parody. This time, Jenny recounted to an anecdote about her proprietor’s enthusiastic battles when he carried his canine to the specialist to rest and remained with him in his last minutes. It’s so amazing, it will undoubtedly make the lips shake under a creature sweetheart.

Take a full breath, look down, and let us know in the remarks how the humor caused you to feel and on the off chance that you at any point needed to go through the job that the hero played.

As a cherished individual creatures for my entire life, I normally needed to release a many individuals eventually. I frequently go to wiped out and harmed creatures, they don’t make everything. I generally remained with these creatures as late as possible since it felt normal to do as such, “Jenny told Board Panda. However at that point a tragic letter from a veterinarian became a web sensation, telling him not to let his pet be without a second to spare. It provided me with an additional a feeling of realness and I needed to cause more to notice it.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram

Jenny has for a long time needed to be a craftsman Drawing has been Jenny’s fixation as far back as she can recall. He kidded that his mom consistently said that she could pull him before she strolled.

At the point when I was a child, I got a pencil and never cleaned. Indeed, I generally needed to be a craftsman.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that Jenny draws relentless. He said he needed to enjoy some time off and avoid craftsmanship to abstain from re-energizing and consuming.

Individuals expressed gratitude toward Jenny for her humor and concurred with her message that proprietors ought to be with their pets without a second to spare.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fghgfhdgh.jpg

We feel as though we have been struck by feelings and tears are difficult to keep down. German craftsman Jenny Hafsick, referred to online as Jenny-Jenny, has delivered her most recent buttway parody. This time, Jenny recounted to an anecdote about her proprietor’s enthusiastic battles when he carried his canine to the specialist to rest and remained with him in his last minutes. It’s so amazing, it will undoubtedly make the lips shake under a creature sweetheart.


I Turned 19 Famous Disney Characters Into Evolving Pokemon

I’ve been doing art professionally for almost ten years. I believe I began drawing when I was a small child, most likely using crayons and colouring pencils. I simply enjoyed drawing everything I wanted, from animals I had seen to cartoons I had watched. Learning to paint was a slow process, but I believe I gained a significant amount of digital painting expertise after attending a tutorial by Cuson, a Hong Kong-based artist I admire. He gave a live instructional at a convention I attended, and I got to meet him afterwards, which was fantastic.

I like to begin by picturing how the finished piece will look, and then guessing until it seems fair.

I start with a preliminary drawing, then add linework, shading, and colours, before zooming into the artwork and correcting any errors.

Pop culture serves as a source of inspiration for me. I adore sketching fan art because I want to bring a game or a movie I enjoy to life and add my personal touches to make it my own. When the notion of combining two of my favourite things, Disney and Pokemon, occurred to me, I thought it would be fascinating. I thought it would be amusing to combine Disney characters and Pokemon evolution into one drawing, and now I can’t stop sketching Disney characters. I hope you appreciate my work developing new Pokemon with my amusing illustrations!

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How Did Namekians Learn to Create the Dragon Balls?

Dragon Ball’s Namekians aren’t known for their power, so how did they learn to create some of the universe’s most powerful artifacts?

The Dragon Balls aren’t just the namesake of Akira Toriyama’s classic series, but incredibly powerful artifacts. When all seven are brought together, a person can wish for almost anything, from eternal youth to the revival of the dead. Throughout Dragon Ball, different versions of these artifacts have been introduced, each time by a Namekian. Earth’s original Dragon Balls were created by the Namekian Guardian of Earth, Kami, and were later recreated by the Namekian who replaced him, Dende. Their homeworld of Namek even has its own set of Dragon Balls that are more powerful than Earth’s.

But how are the Namekians able to create magical artifacts capable of defying death? The race of green aliens isn’t inherently more powerful than other alien races. Frieza’s henchmen were able to defeat most of the planet’s warriors rather easily. Despite their lack of physical strength compared to Saiyans or other aliens, Namekians are the only race able to create Dragon Balls. Is there a limit to this power and can any Namekian create Dragon Balls?

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The Origin of the Dragon Balls

The Dragon Balls Together In Dragon Ball

To answer these questions it’s necessary to look back at the original set of Dragon Balls that spawned all the rest. The Super Dragon Balls were created by a powerful Dragon God, named Zalama. These Dragon Balls are the size of planets and only grant a single wish when activated. However, this wish has no limits, unlike the wishes of other Dragon Balls, and has been used to restore entire universes that were destroyed. Both in size and power, these Super Dragon Balls dwarf the ones of Earth and Namek.

Far in the past, the Namekians found one of these Super Dragon Balls and chipped pieces off of it to create their own Dragon Balls. These Dragon Balls were much smaller and weaker than the originals but could be used to grant three wishes instead of one. This answers the question of how the Dragon Balls came to exist but to solve the mysteries of their creation, one must look at the powers of the Namekians.

The Namekian race consists of two classes of people: a warrior caste skilled in combat and a support caste, known as the Dragon Clan, that’s skilled in magic. The Dragon Clan has multiple magical abilities, including healing and the power to create objects. This is the reason why Kami and Picciolo are able to manifest clothing from thin air — they are part of the Dragon Clan. This same materialization magic is also how the Dragon Clan Namekians are able to create Dragon Balls.

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Because the Namekians were once the only species to have their own Dragon Balls, they were able to hone the magic used to create them so that they could be copied. Each set of Dragon Balls is magically tied to their creator and turns to stone upon their death. Hypothetically, each Dragon Clan member could produce their own individual set of Dragon Balls, like Kami did when he came to Earth. This process takes a long time, however, so it is much easier to modify an existing set of Dragon Balls, like Dende did when he replaced Kami.

Although Piccolo is technically a member of the Dragon Clan, it is unclear if he is able to create his own set of Dragon Balls. After Piccolo fuses with Kami, the Earth Dragon Balls become inert and he’s unable to restore them. It seems that Kami’s more advanced magical abilities were not transferred to Piccolo when they fused.

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Shigaraki unhinged in My Hero Academia

MHA: Shigaraki vs. Star and Stripe Might Have Reached Its Fateful Conclusion

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