Naruto: 10 Best Episodes To Rewatch

Naruto is a staple anime series and one of the greatest shonen classics out there. Throughout its long run, there have been some amazing and unforgettable episodes. From iconic fights to heartfelt moments, the series has plenty for fans to enjoy.

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Though it feels almost impossible to choose the best episodes of the series, there are some that shine above all the rest. They are so good they have the audience coming back to watch them again and again. These are the episodes everyone talks about. They make fans laugh, cry, and inspire them in ways never thought possible.

10 “Puppet Fight: 10 Vs. 100!” Shows How Much Stronger Sakura Has Become (Naruto Shippuden Episode 26)

One of the first examples of how Sakura has changed since the early days of Naruto is when she and Chiyo face off against Sasori. The gripping fight between them and the Akatsuki member keeps fans at the edge of their seat, the stakes high with Gaara’s life on the line. This episode showcases Sakura’s strength in ways the audience has never seen, putting her full power on display. Though it is only a taste of how strong she will become, it is a great episode to rewatch and see just how far Sakura has come since her childhood.

9 “Naruto’s Ninja Handbook” Brings About A Change Of Heart In Gaara (Naruto Episode 78)

Naruto vs Gaara

This episode is a fan favorite for many reasons. It is one of the first times Naruto encounters someone like him, comparing the two Jinchuriki’s lives. He realizes how lucky he is to have his loved ones in his life. If he hadn’t had them, he may have ended up just like Gaara, filled with hate and anger. This is one of the early moments of the series where Naruto is able to reach the heart of someone lost and suffering, and fans rejoice when they see Gaara’s redemption. The episode sets the precedent for future Jinchuriki encounters throughout the series, with many finding new light in their lives after meeting Naruto, just as Gaara has.

8 “A Failure’s True Power” Is A Pivotal Moment For Neji (Naruto Episode 62)

Chunin Exams

The Chunin Exams arc is filled with amazing fights that fans remember for years to come. One of these iconic showdowns is between Naruto and Neji during the Chunin Exams finals. From the start, Neji looks poised for victory, but Naruto is unwilling to give up. His persistence and fighting spirit bewilder Neji, who is sure that no one can ever escape their fate. This episode is crucial for Neji, showing him that no one is tied down to destiny. It opens his eyes and changes him for the better, creating a life-long friendship between him and Naruto.

7 “The End Of Tears” Sets The Tone For The Rest Of The Series (Naruto Episode 134)

Naruto and Sasuke Clash

“The End of Tears” is the first of many major fights between Naruto and Sasuke. Where Sasuke is determined to cut off all ties with his past, Naruto stops at nothing to bring him home. The two go all-out for this battle, dishing out their strongest moves and abilities.

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Sasuke fully activates his curse mark while Naruto delves into the power of the Nine-tailed Fox. Despite the battle’s outcome, Naruto’s faith in Sasuke never diminishes. His determination to bring him back only becomes stronger from here on out. This battle is the first of many between them, setting the tone for what is to come in Naruto Shippuden.

6 “Confessions” Is The Turning Point In Hinata And Naruto’s Relationship (Naruto Shippuden Episode 166)

When things look bleak during Naruto’s battle against Pain, Hinata rushes to his aid. He implores her to stand down, saying the battle is his to fight, but she refuses. Fans of Naruto and Hinata have waited for this episode for years and are exuberant when Hinata finally tells Naruto her true feelings. This episode brings a new start to Naruto and Hinata’s relationship and is the turning point for them. Though it takes time still for Naruto to return her love, her confession is the beginning of their eventual relationship and life together.

5 “Lee’s Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Justu” Showcases Lee’s Strength And Determination (Naruto Episode 49)

Lee's Hidden Strength

When Rock Lee first appears, he seems goofy and strange. None of his fellow genin seem to take him seriously. His match with Gaara proves that Lee can accomplish incredible feats, especially considering he uses taijutsu alone. “Lee’s Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Jutsu” is the first taste of what he can really do. It also gives the audience a closer look into Lee’s life and the struggles he’s faced that brought him where he is now. This episode is one of Rock Lee’s finest moments and is a perfect example of what a brilliant Shinobi he is.

4 “Demon In The Snow” Is Heartwrenching And Unforgettable (Naruto Episode 19)

haku zabuza final moments naruto

The Land of Waves arc is one of the most beloved of the series and is a plot fans talk about long after it concludes. Zabuza Momochi is the first major villain Team 7 faces and teaches them the harsh realities of being a Shinobi.

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This episode is the most unforgettable of the entire arc, with the long-drawn-out battle with Zabuza and Haku coming to a sad end. Zabuza’s change of heart in his final moments touches fans as he looks over his life with regret. This moment sticks with fans, as well as Team 7, serving as a lesson for the up-and-coming ninjas.

3 “The End” Brings About A Surprising Conclusion To Sasuke’s Revenge (Naruto Shippuden Episode 138)

Itachi vs Sasuke

The battle between Sasuke and Itachi has been anticipated since the beginning. Sasuke had been fighting his entire life, preparing for the moment he could take his revenge on his traitorous brother. Fans watch in awe as the two go up against each other, but no one is prepared for how it ends, especially Sasuke. In Itachi’s final moments, he reverts to the softer, kinder brother Sasuke knew as a child. He pokes his forehead one last time, leaving the younger Uchiha shocked and confused. This episode is the beginning of Itachi’s redemption in Sasuke’s eyes and brings a twist that no one could have expected.

2 “The Orange Spark” Is The Meeting Fans Have Longed For (Naruto Shippuden Episode 246)

Kushina hugs Naruto

This episode is in the middle of Naruto’s internal battle with the Nine-tailed Fox demon Kurama. As he fights for control, Naruto meets with a mysterious woman. When he realizes he has come face to face with his own mother, Naruto can’t contain his emotions, and neither can fans. This meeting is one that many have hoped for, and the moment when Naruto is finally in his mother’s arms is so heartwarming and satisfying. Fans also get a deeper look into Kushina’s life and how she and Minato fell in love. It is a wonderful and joyful episode that gives fans exactly what they always wanted.

1 “The Unison Sign” Is What Everything Has Led Up To (Naruto Shippuden Episode 478)

Naruto and Sasuke After Final Fight

From the time they were genin, Naruto has vowed to bring Sasuke back and rekindle their bonds of friendship and family. No matter what atrocities Sasuke commits, Naruto never gives up on him. Everything throughout the series has been building up to this final battle. Even as Sasuke still refuses to accept his connection with him, Naruto strives forward. They both think back to their pasts, remembering the struggles they’ve faced and their previous fights.

As their battle concludes, Naruto is able to get through to his old friend at long last. This moment is one everyone has waited for since the early days of the series. Fans feel as much relief as Naruto and Sakura themselves when Sasuke finally vows to do better. With his change of heart, Sasuke goes down an important path of atonement and slowly becomes the hero he is today in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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