Motherhood is a never-ending adventure, as shown by these 17 examples.

Julia is one of life’s most tenacious mothers, embracing all of life’s challenges with a smile on her face. She designs cartoons and posts them to her tens of thousands of Instagram followers. They communicate there, meet like-minded people, and talk about interesting situations that any woman who has had to care for a child will understand Yuria’s comics are authentic and upbeat, as we’ve discovered. They’ve got it all: humour, irony, and raw truth. That is why I would like to show you it. They could assist a mother on maternity leave or serve as a reminder of the city’s “golden age.” In any case, the negatives are in the past and will no doubt make you smile, but the positive memories of your baby’s first year will stay with you.

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I admire the mother who returns her body to its original state after giving birth. Many women who have succeeded in making their bodies even more beautiful than they were before having children inspire me even more.

I was wondering the other day what breastfeeding looks like from an infant’s perspective.

For the second hour, the baby had been pacing around the nursery. Is your husband not a superhero?

My son’s claws are growing at a breakneck pace. So it seems to me.

How do you unwind on the weekends, mom?

My father-in-law used to crack jokes, but now I have to nail everything, even furniture, to the ceiling. Before Felix called out to him, the flowerpot had been sitting by the window. Did your houseplants rise above the area where your child was present?

I can count on my fingers how many times Felix has heard the word “mom” since he was two years old. He called me at a random time in the morning. I slept with earplugs in my ears at the time, but my baby monitor couldn’t hear them. My husband was informed, and he escorted Felix to her room, which made me proud.. In the cartoon above, hearing this vital word showed how eager it was to rush to the baby’s room first thing in the morning.

And share your parenting stories with us. Have you ever found yourself in Julia’s situation?

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