In her 30 new comics, the artist reveals the struggles of everyday life as well as our inner conflicts.

The era of traditional comics confined to newspapers or small books has passed, and the medium has grown into a plethora of shapes and forms created by thousands of artists in their own unique style. A daily dosage of a comic viewed on social media has replaced the newspaper cartoon. Most comic artists nowadays select more down-to-earth and relatable issues like everyday life and emotional challenges, rather than commonly using cheesy humour or political criticism.Lark, or Larkness (Estela Ribeiro Kuntz), the hero of today’s piece, is one of those newer types of comic artist, and her drawings are adored by many on the internet despite the fact that she’s never been published in a newspaper.

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The dread of everyday existence, the ups and downs, and all of the little moments in between are all captured in Larkness’ comics. The main character, Lark, doesn’t pretend to be in charge of her life—sometimes her inner demons get the best of her; sometimes Lark wallows in self-pity, and there are plenty of opportunities for her to laugh at herself. However, this isn’t a terrible thing. Human imperfections aren’t just a feature of her comics; they’re what make them intriguing, real, and relatable. That is why I adore them and find them so lovable.


“I was born and reared in a Brazilian city in the south. I’ve always enjoyed to sketch and play with arts and crafts since I was a child. I also like reading comic books and attempted to develop my own comics and characters.

I went to Art College when I was 17 and learned a variety of art languages. It’s been a lifelong passion of mine, and painting, collage, and other forms of art have become my primary pastime.”


Despite the fact that we are continually confronted with existential issues, the worst aspect of our daily lives is often not the problems themselves, but the self-loathing and lack of self-love that result from them. But don’t beat yourself up over how you’re doing or that you don’t want to accomplish anything. Maybe today isn’t your lucky day? Simply get some rest and try again tomorrow! Do you dislike how you spend your time? Perhaps realising that you don’t have to like what you’re doing all of the time would help you to feel better. There’s no need to worry yourself out over procrastination because it’s a normal response from our brain to defend itself from fatigue and stress.




























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