I’m a Dog Behaviour Therapist who sometimes draws dog comic strips.

Since the day I first saw a dog, I’ve been obsessed with them, and I’ve loved drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil.

I started working as a dog school teacher about 17 years ago, and a few years later, after earning the required diplomas, I became a Dog Behavior Therapist.

I’ve seen hundreds of dogs with various behavioural issues in the dog schools where I worked and at their homes over the years.

I no longer teach, but I do occasionally assist a problem dog with its owners’ behaviours. ?

I came to see life through the eyes of dogs more and more as a result of this work and our three Belgian Shepherds. This opened up a whole new world for me, and I’ve wanted to make a comic strip about it for a long time because of the many typical and amusing scenarios, but I’ve never had the time.

I still don’t have the time today, but I’ve decided to forget the slight detail and go for it anyway.

Every week, various dogs appear in my comic strip Dogs Don’t Whisper (they really don’t, Mr. C.M.). Sometimes it’s just fiction, other times it’s similar to fact, and in a few instances it’s based on true events.

My aim is to make people laugh while also telling them a bit about the dog’s point of view.

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1: I lost count of the times I saw this IRL.

2: Dogs Don’t Valentine! (And are usually not so fond of the vet)

3: A typical proposal. This is how Jack Russels really think! (Jack Russell owners can confirm this)

4: People jobs and animal jobs.

5: I know everything about you!

6: When your dog doesn’t know he makes the holes himself but thinks he discovers them! My own yard once looked like this when my 2nd pup “discovered” underground holes.

7: Horses are scared easily and hungry rottweilers can be very scary.

8: Sadly, this actually happens a lot, bad training which results in dogs who only understand physical forcing instead of words.

9: Dog applies Pavlov. One of our dogs did this exact thing for real (preferably with parties) and we fell for it many times.

10: Throw in some tiles.

11: Easter egg hunting. Based on real stories of real vets.

12: Brain size. If people were more like dogs the world would be a so much better place.

13: What’s with all that howling at the moon actually?

14: The alternative to howling at the moon.

15: Again a true story. I’ve seen this hilarious scene quite often IRL! Usually these people have a red head and ears where steam comes out.

16: This one happened for real. When our first pup met our cat for the first time!

17: Cats… they just can’t help themselves when it comes down to their hunting instincts.

18: Found you!

19: Man’s best friend (provided that man is friendly to animals).

20: They usually don’t see themselves as they are seen by people.

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