Gene Deitch, the Tom & Jerry and Popeye illustrator, passed away recently, and 25 artists have paid tribute to him.

While many people grew up watching Popeye and Tom and Jerry cartoons or forced their children to watch them all the time, only a small percentage of them knew who created them. Eugene Merril Deitch, better known by his stage name Gene Deitch, was an American painter, illustrator, comedian, and film director.

Munro, Tom Terrific, and Nudnik were among the animated children’s shows he created.

Deitch spent the majority of his life in Prague, having moved there in 1959 after Rembrandt Films agreed to back Munro. He lived there for as long as he can remember, until he passed away on April 16, 2020, at the age of 95. Craftsmen from all over the world have flooded the Internet with praise since learning of his death. For the late artist, the craftsmanship is a calling card.


Whether or not you know Gene Deitch’s name, you are almost certainly familiar with his work. Deitch was a key figure in the creation of both Tom and Jerry and Popeye, and few people would disagree that just a few people are unfamiliar with their work.


Before joining the American armed forces to become a pilot, Deitch worked as a designer for North American Aviation during World War II. After the war, he returned to drawing, and Disney recalled him and invited him to join United Productions of America as creative director.


Despite his celebrity in the United States, he decided to relocate to Prague, Czech Republic, after Rembrandt Films agreed to fund his short film Munro. In 1959, he was assigned to the organization’s central command in Prague.


Gee Deitch received an Academy Award for Best Animated Film in 1960, demonstrating that the movement was well-founded. As a result of his achievements, he was given the opportunity to organise 13 Tom and Jerry sequences, which were being assaulted at the time. 






















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