Furry Tale: Skinned Disney Characters Protest The Fur Industry

Kids had always loved animals. How could they not- they are all so fluffy and cute and no animal is fluffier or cuter than a Disney animal. When you think of adorable Disney creatures, you may think of bouncing bunny Thumper or the sweet little baby deer Bambi or even the cheeky monkey Abu. They’re just all so cute, we can’t help but want to cuddle and protect them. Who wouldn’t with those eyes?

However, these works of art show some Disney animals in a very different light. Saint Hoax, a visual artist and sociopolitical activist, has created these shocking images to protest the trade in animal fur, a cruel business that delivers unbelievable suffering to so many animals.

Saint Hoax commented that he hopes his work will decrease the sales in fur this winter and, when explaining why he used Disney animals, he stated the importance of addressing children. “They are the future. Although I want my campaigns to reach out to people of all ages, educating and touching children at a young age is something crucial. No, I don’t want to ruin the fairy tale illusion for kids. I would never want to do that! I just want them to be more aware about social issues that take place almost every day.”  

The Furry Tale series took a month to create after careful research into the industry. Take a look through these pictures and take a moment to wonder if that fur is really worth it. Warning, these images are graphic.

#1 Abu

Saint Hoax

#2 Bambi

Saint Hoax

#3 Dalmatian Puppy

Saint Hoax

#4 Simba

Saint Hoax

#5 Thumper

Saint Hoax

#6 Timon

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