French Artist Draws Modern Women’s Problems In 20 Hilarious Yet Honest Illustrations

Cecil Dormeau is a very popular and talented artist. She is from France. She likes to spread awareness of body positivity through her illustrations. We are going to live in a world where people’s beauty is becoming unrealistic day by day and we must not forget the day when people used to wear corsets for the whole day even after doing a lot of damage. With time, we will see such changes. This amazing artist depicts different pictures of women through her artwork and illustrates that they are very beautiful in their own way. Her artwork is liked by many people.

We are of the view that positive thoughts and healthy vibes are very important for a positive mindset. The author has also made a good effort to give positives to these pictures during her artwork, it also hopes that people will also get positivity from it. We present you with 20 cute pictures of the artist’s artwork. You can enjoy them by scrolling down.

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