French Artist Created Comics To Spread Public Awareness About The Abandonment Of Pets (10 Comics)

To the majority of us, summer brings delight, great time, and obviously, our hotly anticipated holidays. In any case, this isn’t the situation for most pets in France with respect to some of them, summer implies venturing out of their comfort zones and starting an unpleasant road life. Every year throughout the summer, around 100,000 pets out of nowhere become undesirable and abandoned in France. We should concede that this number is quite startling considering that it’s just for the summer alone!

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Indeed, they are deserted on the grounds that individuals can’t discover a kennel, a pet-sitter, or take them along, thus they decide to abandon their pets as opposed to miss out on their holidays. The pitiful truth is that not every one of these pets are given over to a shelter by their owners and that is the manner by which they end up being a stray pet in the city. In some cases pets are even euthanized.



The entirety of this happens when we live in a shopper society and a pet is regularly considered as an impulse buy. Individuals basically purchase a pet for their kids as a Christmas present and in the event that they become a minor impediment in managing their days off, they don’t spare a moment to abandon them. In all this, they fail to remember that a pet isn’t a toy however a living and cherishing animal!



Various awareness raising activities have been set up to make us fully aware of this awful act, in any case, one project stands apart of the group. The project is named as Summer Adventures and it is a work by creative artist Nicolas Amiard. The possibility of this scheme is to think about this earnest circumstance and raise public attention to abandonment.



The comic series portrays exemplary comics from our youth: from Scooby-Doo to the Simpsons and Tintin, Asterix and Pokemon, they all show how the characters from our childhood would feel in the event that they were forgotten about and abandoned on summer occasions. All things considered, who else would contact our heart more than our childhood favorite comic characters.




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