Fairy Tail: 10 Times Actions Spoke Louder Than Words

In the world of Fairy Tail, power trumps nearly everything else. In many cases, heroes and villains alike have let their powers do the talking. Rather than long-winded rambling, messages were conveyed through a splendid display of strength.

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There were many instances of this and they each made for some of the best moments in the entire series–ones that got stuck in the minds of fans. In the midst of all these epic moments, these are the best times that actions seemed to get a message across instead of mere words that stretch out scenes and make fights boring.

10 Fairy Tail Proved They Were Still The Strongest Guild When They Won The Grand Magic Games

Fairy Tail's victorious team

It’s one thing to claim to be powerful, but proving it is a different story entirely. Fairy Tail was widely known as the mightiest guild on the continent up until their less-than-pleasant encounter with Acnologia on Tenrou Island. After being trapped in time for seven years, they returned to find that the number one spot was no longer theirs. They were still confident that no guild could hold a candle to their strength, and they gloriously won the Grand Magic Games to prove that.

9 Defeating Phantom Lord Guild Showed That No One Messes With Fairy Tail & Gets Away With It

Fairy Tail members storming Phantom Lord Guild

Phantom Lord Guild picked a fight with Fairy Tail for two reasons. First, they wanted to take away Lucy on her father’s request, and second, to prove that they were more powerful than Fairy Tail. Their plan backfired when Fairy Tail gave their guild a proper thrashing, and even their master, Jose Porla, was no match for Fairy Tail’s master, Makarov Dreyar. In the end, Fairy Tail made them pay for hurting Lucy and the rest of their friends.

8 Gildarts Proved That Determination Is Not All That Is Needed To Win A Fight

Gildarts in a white aura

During the intense S-Class wizard promotion trial, Natsu picked one of the many paths but was unfortunate enough to pick an intense combat route that led straight to Gildarts. Natsu gave his all but was simply no match for Gildarts.

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When Gildarts deemed Natsu’s skills worthy of passing the challenge, Natsu insisted that they fight until there was a winner. Gildarts responded by releasing his magic power in a potent white aura that shook the very island to its core. Natsu was determined to fight but was ultimately overcome by fear and surrendered for the first time in his life.

7 The Magnolia Gildarts Shift Was Enough To Give Viewers A Glimpse Of Gildarts’ Strength

Magnolia split in two

Whenever Gildarts returned to town, the bells began ringing, and speakers announced Gildarts’ arrival and instructed everyone to move to their designated areas. The city of Magnolia was redesigned to split into two and create a clear path from the city’s entrance to the Fairy Tail guild hall. Gildarts uses Crush Magic, and it’s so powerful that without focus, he’llĀ obliterate whatever he touches. This modification of the town let viewers know how powerful Gildarts is.

6 Natsu Challenged All The Guilds Present At The Grand Magic Games & Beat All Of Them Solo

Natsu in a black robe

There was no better way of showing just how much more powerful Natsu had become after a year of training. Whichever guild made it to the Grand Magic Games was undoubtedly one of the best there was. Natsu returned after his training, nearly melted the arena like butter, and wiped the floor with all the guilds present. Natsu easily showed that he was a completely different caliber of wizard than he was in the past.

5 Erza Pulled Off The 1 Vs. 100 And Made Fairy Tail Proud

Fairy Tail_Erza vs Monsters

During the Grand Magic Games, Erza completely stole the spotlight when she challenged a hundred monsters in the game of pandemonium. Instead of wondering if she could do it, she stated that pandemonium wasn’t even a game anymore. She was right, and her victory prevented all the other guilds from taking part in that challenge as Erza pulled off a stunning win against a hundred powerful monsters.

4 Makarov Convinced Natsu To Give Up By Beating Sense Into Him

Makarov punches Natsu

After battling Grimoire Heart on Tenrou Island, Makarov insisted that the S-Class trial should be cancelled because of all the chaos that went down. There were disagreements of course, but Makarov was able to make everyone see reason by simply explaining his logic to them. Everyone except for Nastu, that is.

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Natsu insisted that he would be the winner by default, so Makarov spoke to him in the only language he felt Natsu would understand. He promised to make Natsu an S-Class wizard if Natsu defeated him, but before Natsu even had a chance to try, he was smothered by Makarov’s giant fist.

3 Mystogan Took Away All Magic From Edolas And Created A World Without Magic

Fairy Tail_Mystogan and Pantherlily

The people of Edolas were hungry for power and didn’t mind that the King was turning innocent people into magic power to be used in Edolas. But it wasn’t long beforeĀ the King’s greed brought chaos to Edolas. Convincing the people to give up on everlasting power would have been impossible, so rather than talk them out of their greed, Mystogan rid Edolas of all manner of magic. He took the throne and led the people into a brand new era.

2 Mardgeer Dominated Multiple Powerful Foes While Keeping A Level Head

Fairy Tail_Mard geer

Unlike many other villains, Mardgeer was calm and collected and hardly ever raised his voice. He did things with a certain finesse and made sure his plans worked out exactly as he envisioned them. With Natsu, Sting and Rogue yammering on about their power and their bonds, Mardgeer was still able to dominate the fight with one hand while holding the book of E.N.D in the other. He even held his own against the Celestial Spirit King.

1 Gajeel & Natsu Showed Sting & Rogue That Talk Is Cheap

Fairy Tail_Natsu and Gajeel

After bragging about how they slew their own dragons and were the pinnacle of strength, the time came for Sting and Rogue to put their money where their mouths were. They were up against Natsu and Gajeel, who were extremely powerful dragon slayers. Their 2 vs. 2 battle was breathtaking, each moment proving that Natsu and Gajeel were on a whole different level. Even when Natsu faced them alone, they still didn’t stand a chance.

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