Disney Launches A Line Of Costumes That Adapt To Wheelchairs

Disabled persons typically have a difficult time choosing a Halloween costume because few of them are made to fit wheelchairs. With the introduction of its first-ever range of wheelchair-adaptive costumes, Disney hopes to put an end to this difficulty.

The new costumes are inspired by films such as The Incredibles 2, Toy Story, and Cinderella, and are available in five different styles, two of which may be installed on the wheelchair. The business even sells sets that allow the entire family to dress up as characters from the same film!

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Disney just introduced a line of costumes that adapt to wheelchairs

Image credits: Disney

The outfits are designed to fit most wheelchairs and include extra supportive plastic piping for further stability.

Turn your wheelchair into the carriage from Cinderella!

Image credits: Disney

The business emphasises that once the costume is on, the wheelchair should only be operated with the assistance of another person, and that the costumes are not appropriate for battery-powered wheelchairs.

Image credits: Disney

The other costumes, such as this Cinderella dress with an open back, are designed to be simple to put on.

And if princesses aren’t your thing, you can turn it into the Incredimobile from the Incredibles!

Image credits: Disney

On Disney’s website, they claim, “Rev up your chair by changing it into an awesome super vehicle!”

You can also go as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story!

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Or either Dash or Violet!

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Activist Annie Segarra recently tried out the new Cinderella wheelchair cover and the results were pretty fabulous!

Image credits: annieelainey


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