Dad Illustrates The Pure Friendship Between His Baby And Their Doggo

“Dog is a man’s best friend.”

It doesn’t matter how old you are. A dog will always be your best friend. Let us reinforce this statement by showing you a cute webcomic series by a loving pet owner and a good father named Nate Anderson. Anderson came up with the following webcomic series after his first-born Rowan came into his life.

While talking to Bored Panda, Nate Anderson said “My life was changed by this wiggly, squishy boy that filled my home with laughter and poop. The animals didn’t know what to think of him at first, but my Golden Retriever, Murphy, decided that he was pretty cool,” he said, “Rowan loves the dog and would squeal with delight whenever Murphy was around him. I started to draw the comics to show what I imagined in my head was transpiring between them.”

So without further ado let’s take a look!

Credit: Baby & Dog.

There’s nothing a kiss can’t fix!

When your best friend motivates you to do silly things

Baby & Dog friendship in a nutshell

Rowan impressing Murphy with his new toy

And that’s why the parents didn’t sleep that night…

In unity, there is a strength!

Baby prison

“We are in this together, Rowan.”

Apparently, “it’s crazy play time” when Rowan goes to bed

Easy escape

Super-sonic kick!

No beard? No problem!

Everything is a car

Best buds for life

Tier 2. New skills unlocked!

An unfortunate turn of events…

Murphy is right

Just another regular day of Rowan getting “Murphed.”

Doggo logic 101

Kids and doggos are always entertained so easily

Murphy isn’t convinced, but it’s still progress!


Baby does what baby wants

*Om nom nom*

Everyone’s happy!

“There can only be one good boy.”

One more time, let’s go!

Love summed up in one picture

“This looks like a job for me! So everybody just follow me.”

Happiness lies in all the simple things

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