Laugh Your Head Off With 30 Pics Of People Standing Awkwardly In Public – Savagehumans

Everyone has a different position for sitting, standing, and sleeping. While doing any work unconsciously we crave comfort and the result is weird positions. These weird positions are so funny.

What will you do if you saw someone on the roads with awful standing positions? Take a click silently and post it on the Instagram page created only for sharing photos of people standing in weird positions.

Some of these poses are too awkward that you can’t stop your laugh after seeing them. I don’t know whether those people know about the camera or not but their poses are too funny. If you want to know what poses are those then keep scrolling to the end and check the whole article. And then tell us which is the most awkward position to copy.

1. Teachers are made differently

2. You can bend over

3.  I don’t even want to know what he is doing

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4. What is she gonna do.. dance?

5. Someone knotted his leg

6. A seal?

7. Is she melting

8. Impressive

9. Climb the counter and sit in his place

10. What I just saw

11. His student knows

12. How he can be so comfortable in this position

13. Can you copy this?

14. The window is too down

15. You can’t move from the red box

16. Sleeping is important


18. Just an advertisement

19. Great pose

20. Who placed the pole here?

21. You can’t miss this one

22. But why?

23. Don’t cross the red line

24. How?

25. Is he wearing heelys?



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