Pixie And Brutus

Brutus Tries To Explain War To Pixie In New Pixie And Brutus Comic & It’s Adorable

Friendships are rather unlikely, and the unlikeliest form of friendship is between a cat and a dog.

Friendships are kind of weird. There are times when we become the best of friends with people we never thought we’d even ever speak to. Let’s just say, that’s how the universe works. And speaking of unlikely friendships, you know what the most unlikely friendship is? The friendship between a teeny tiny cat and an awfully humungous dog. The bond between these critters is so darn adorable that it’ll melt your heart.

Pixie is innocent and quite oblivious to the dangers around her, whereas, Brutus is the complete opposite of her. He’s a retired military working dog who has been through quite a lot. And even though he can come as awfully intimidating because of the scar on his face, he is very protective about Pixie.

Here’s how it all went down between a cute little kitty and an intimidating war dog:

Via Pet_Foolery

“Hey Brutus! The human says you were an “MWD”. What’s that?”

“Who’s Millie Terry?”

“What’s war?”


“And what?”


“Wowee! I wanna go to war! Sounds super fun!”

Want more of this adorable comic? You can check out the Pet_Foolery page on Instagram for more comics on Brutus and Pixie. Their life is one hell of an adventure! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this in the comments below.

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