Brazilian Artists Creates Comics To Depict How Life Changes After Adopting A Pet

These are the most accurate comics depicting the life of a pet owner after adopting one.

You guys can really test this on any pet owner and trust me everyone will get the same answer. Just go and ask them what happened to their lives after they made the decision to adopt a pet animal. All of them will say “My life changed forever”. If you are a pet owner reading this, this is it right? If you ask a pet owner why you should get a pet animal, trust me they won’t stop providing you with reasons until you are fully convinced and end up with a pet.

Pets are just the best. They are magical. When a pet comes into your life, everything starts feeling good and right. Their adorableness and innocence just eliminate all sorts of stresses and loneliness from your life. Yes, that’s exactly what they bring. I am not making this up. An artist named Ademar Vieira felt exactly like this when they finally decided to adopt a pet animal. They say their life flipped downside up after that decision. The Brazil-based extremely creative artist decided to portray his joyful life change after adopting a pet through comics. Trust me, they are really good. The strip is called The Choice.

Let’s enjoy them together. They might convince one of you to adopt as well.

More information: | ademar__vieira 

Life often gives you that opportunity that will change everything for you. You don’t know what it is or what it is. Just trust your gut and accept what is being handed to you because it might just work out.

Something that could fill colors in your life…something like an adoption that instantly changed life for the good of this Brazillian artist.

A pet brings in all the missing colors that wish you had in your life. Times when you wish you had someone to talk to times of endless licks and snuggles.

From having no one to talk to and eagerly waiting for someone to text to not having time for anyone else because you just got yourself a forever companion.

Loneliness often feeds bad thoughts in your head not allowing you to sleep. A pet shields you from those bad thoughts.

Coming home to that same old “no-one” to coming home to an absolute enthusiast waiting for you all day long.

It feels like magic when someone smiles and gets excited when you enter through that main door. That’s what life is about; joy and excitement.

A messy house is a happy, colorful house and your pet can easily help you achieve that.

Feels better to enjoy dinner with a partner than to not having dinner at all.

Oh and yes, such problems come with the package and the face they make after being caught is absolutely priceless, making you forget all their crimes.

They have some serious convincing skills.

Wandering into thoughts that could deteriorate that health? Or watch your baby sleep in peace allowing positive thoughts about the future with them? I think we know the answer.

Everyone should get a taste of such a happy and colorful life, so adopt a pet and witness the change as colors automatically start filling in.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Do you have a pet animal? Share how life is like with one, in the comments section down below.

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