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Bib transforms funny animal photos into adorable drawings, and here are 20+ of their most adorable creations

Bib, a Filipino artist who goes by the moniker Bib online, is a passionate animal lover. In fact, Bib adores them so much that she has a series dedicated to the creatures she “meets” on the internet.

Whether it’s a derpy cat straining to fit in a box or an obstinate doggo refusing to continue walking, Bib redraws them in her humorous style that merely emphasises their eccentric characters. I don’t know how she does it, but her paintings are frequently cuter than the originals.When Bib shares her art, she still includes the original image that inspired her, so you can still meet the animals!

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These photographs demonstrate exactly what Bib does on a daily basis. The artist adds, “I mostly do cutesy pet drawings and ridiculous meme redraws.”

“I started creating meme redraws as a little practise exercise because I do pet illustrations for a living.”




Bib said the images she uses are from memes she comes across and immediately falls in love with, as well as pet accounts she follows.

Bib owns her own cat because she is an animal lover. Chip is the artist’s canine partner, and she’s a furry Chow Chow.

Chip, let’s hope, isn’t envious and understands why her owner displays other pet photos on her computer screen all the time.




If you’re fed up with the state of the world and need a pick-me-up, this is the book for you. Has a collection of cute animal memes that will make you laugh. You should be able to forget about your difficulties as you stare upon this joyful and inspiring collection of pets, which includes happy frogs, burrito-loving pups, friendly horses, and ratatouille-loving rats. At the very least, for a minute or two. There are instances, however, when that is all you require.
























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