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Artists have created 18 comics featuring two hilarious cats that will make you laugh out loud.

Cats are the most adorable creatures on the planet.
They’re amusing. You know who I’m talking about if you have a cat. They don’t break jokes to make you laugh, of course. With their wonderful and foolish hijinks, they gained our hearts. They may not realise it, yet they unintentionally brighten our day. We’ll think about that for the next few hours with a smile on our cheeks while kids run around and slip in silly ways.Cats interact with you right away or lighten your mood by doing goofy things around the house. They understand how to boost the energy throughout the entire house. As a result, we adore everything about cats since they can inspire us.

So, today, we’ve got some comics for you that are centred on a conversation between two characters: cat and cat. The artist describes these cartoons as “for people who love cats, those who despise them, and even those who are neutral.” So, whichever category you fall into, scroll down and have a good time:

Credit my imaginary










They’re a touch cheesy, but they’re still amusing. And if cats have the ability to communicate, I’m sure that’s the type of chat they’ll have. However, I wish cats could communicate. I’ll have a better understanding of why my cat is weeping at 4 a.m. Maybe I don’t want to know because he’s staring into a shadowy corner. But, oh well. To see the remainder of the comics, scroll down:










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