Artist’s 30 Hilariously Dark Comics With A Sudden Twist

If you are a fan of dark humor with unexpected twists, then we have something interesting for you. So, meet the famous artist Scribbly G. And, he is from South Africa.
Well, he is presently living in the United Kingdom. The artist is South Africa’s famous web-comic creator.

The artist is an imaginative brainiac that designs witty comics with the most surprising twists. And, his comic series is so wild and sometime full of shady undertones. So, Scribbly G started his creative artistic journey 3 years ago. And, he designs drawings and comics from 3-4 panels to 6 panels or more. Moreover, they all are full of a dark sense of humor.

Moreover, his illustration tone is neat and most detailed, and precise. So, we are sure that Scribbly G will call to the shady, gloomy side of your spirit. Moreover, this comic will give you those fierce kinds of snort-giggles and laughter that you just can not handle.

So, the story behind the comic writing is a little painful but fascinating. And, the artist shared that when he was just 9 years old, he got hit by a car. So, because of that painful accident, he broke his leg and snapped his cranium. And when he got hit by that car’s windscreen, he lost his memory for a few years. And that car guy was from his church. So, he stopped going to church. Sounds painful and fascinating. Right? And then he started writing comics to deal with his despair.

So, we have compiled his best series for you.  Here, so go have a look!

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