Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Comics Just Released A New About A Swan Inspired By True Events

Humans are creating vaccines at breakneck speed and planning a trip to Mars, but we continue to be callous and inhuman to beautiful animals that aren’t trying to hurt us.

Jenny Jinya, a German artist who goes by Jenny Jinya on the internet, has been addressing this topic for quite some time. If she’s talking about orcas, parrots, or elephants, her comics remind us that, unfortunately, humans are always to blame when the Grim Reaper arrives to take animals to the Afterlife.

This storey is about a lonely swan who had to watch her precious eggs being brutally crushed, and it is no exception. Jenny wrote when she uploaded the comic, “I read about this a while ago and it always hurts my heart.” “The only message I have for you is that you should not be cruel.”

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Image credits: jenny_jinya

These activities took place in the United Kingdom in the year 2020. The unborn cygnets were killed by a group of teenage boys who threw rocks and bricks at them, and the mother swan was discovered dead earlier this week, not long after the father swan vanished, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Despite the fact that the incident happened last year, I just recently learned about it,” Jenny explained. “Like anyone else, I was surprised, furious, and profoundly saddened. It wouldn’t let me go for weeks; in my head, I kept seeing this sad, lonely swan who had lost everything.”

Witnesses believed the party was heading for the swans’ nest on the island, where three of the six eggs had been shattered.

Wildlife activists who had been watching the swans later announced that more eggs had been lost, leaving only one.

They also claimed that the father swan had abandoned the nest and had not returned. Stress is thought to have pushed him abroad.

After her unhatched eggs were attacked and she lost her mate, the mother swan had been abused by moor hens, ducks, and a dog. The activists discovered her dead in her nest not long after.

Sam Woodrow, an activist, said, “There’s not much I can tell so.” “She most likely died of a broken heart because she had a life partner who was pushed away by stress.”

Swans have been known to die of a broken heart if they lose their mates, according to Swan Lifeline—swans usually mate for life.

The artist acknowledged that it’s often difficult to believe that people will one day be more humane to animals, but she is continually inspired by the feedback and messages she receives from people who are actively advocating for animals. “Whether it’s vets, shelter staff, or private volunteers, such admirable, selfless dedication that never makes the news and receives far too little exposure inspires me.

Jenny said the pandemic has taken a toll on her creative process, despite the fact that she is still productive. Jenny lives in Germany, which is currently in its second lockdown. “At first, I was still confident because I felt I’d have more time to focus on my comics during the lockdown. When I don’t have any other choice than college, it’s difficult for me to maintain a work-life balance.

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