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Artist Tells Heartbreaking Stories About The Issues Of Our Society Without Using A Single Word (5 New Comics) – Savagehumans

Not all stories are fairy tales some are real and tell the harsh reality of society. Yeah, these stories don’t have happy endings but still, they deserve to be told to everyone for change in society. The plot of stories is injustice, inequality, and another opportunity.

Every person needs to know that not everyone’s life is as easy as his. And everyone fights for survival. These comics don’t have any words because some stories are not easy to tell. These types of stories require sensitive storytelling. So Ademar draw comics without a word that directly hit the root cause of the problem.

See all the comics and decide and you decide whether your life is easy or not. Hope you like the comics and try to change society.

1. We aren’t against you

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Adema is from Brazil and in this comic he tried to show what is happening there. How everyone is facing injustice there. The government is not doing its work properly, corruption and riots every day. Because of all these Adema was frustrated and he draw this comic so that the whole world would know about it.

2. When two life fuses

We can see inequality in this comic. How two boys living two totally different lives. One is living a lavish life and enjoying all the fun and the other one became rowdy. We can’t hate the second boy he has no parents and he has to survive in this cruel world and for that, he does what he thinks is easy.

3. Real Santa claus

Children have a pure heart and their dream don’t know any boundaries. They don’t know what is rich and poor. This is the society that taught them this meaningless difference. We can see the happiness on their face. It requires little effort and a pure heart like them.

4. Don’t stop

We can’t wait for anyone in our life, it is upon us whether we want to stop for someone or keep moving. In this comic, we saw a whole life of a lady. She fulfilled all her duty but in last she was alone then it was her passion who helped her to pass the difficult period.

5. Don’t lower your guard

Fake news, improper planning by the government, and negligence by common people are the reasons for 2nd wave in many countries. We can see how many people lost their lives and their family are still missing them. Take precautions if you care for your loved ones.



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