Artist Shows Which Disney Characters Your Favorite Celebrities Should Be

Meet Helen Morgun, Morgun is a Ukraine based amazing artist. Her art work is unique, she reimagined famous people as Disney characters. People are loving her idea. Helen has been working on the drawing ideas for quite a while and she has been creating unexpected mashups, and these mashups have been taking the internet by storm. From Emma Stone as Merida to Billie Eilish as Kida Nedakh, Helen definitely gave Hollywood some ideas to consider. It’s clear the artist has to work with all dedication as she studies not only the physical features but personality of each famous person before assigning them their animated character. She is highly talented we can tell it by her art. Scroll down to see these masterpiece of art and don’t forget to watch it till the end.

1. Oh yeah Tom, can totally pull it off

2. Presenting you Rihanna As Tiana

3. Lena Headey As Evil Queen From Snow White

4. Elizabeth Olsen As Jane, this artist is highly talented

5. Emma Stone As Merida, she totally blends in

6. Eva Green As Maleficent

7. Lady Gaga As Ursula From Little Mermaid

8. Amanda Seyfried As Rapunzel

9. Lucy Hale As Mavis Dracula

10. Megan Fox As Megara, the details are perfect

11. Lucy Liu As Mulan

12. Salma Hayek As Mother Gothel

13. Blake Lively As Aurora

14. Mila Kunis As Esmeralda, this is perfect

15. Margot Robbie As Elsa, she totally blends in too

16. Emilia Clarke As Belle

17. Billie Eilish As Kida Nedakh

18. Lily Collins As Snow White

19. Meet Lili Reinhart As Alice In Wonderland

20. Emma Stone As Cruella De Vil

21. Selena Gomez As Moana

22. Leigh-Anne Pinnock As Pocahontas

23. Camila Cabello As Jasmine

24. Alyssa Milano As Ariel

25. Sophie Turner As Ariel

26. Amber Heard As Alice In Wonderland

Helen said “I’ve been in love with Disney since childhood”. “Over the years, I’ve collected wonderful memories of Disney cartoons and characters. And the amazing thing is that they continue to surprise me. She started the series with the drawing of  Rachel McAdams. She said “I painted her as Cinderella. I really love this popular actress and it always seemed to me that she would be very suitable for this role. After completing  the portrait she thought that it was possible to make a series of drawing and she didn’t know that people are going to love it. “I started doing polls in my Instagram stories where people would choose from two famous people as candidates for a new Disney character. It’s fun.” Even though she has been doing this project for quite some time she wants to continue it. As her fan likes the idea of creating real life stars into these famous characters she loves to create it too.

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