Artist Puts Disney Toons And Horror Characters In The Same Frame & It’s Terrifying

Art can allow us to mash anything up to create a universe of our own.

Disney has played a huge role in our childhood, I really cannot think of childhood without the involvement of Disney characters. Things were so good back then. And no we are not done with them yet, people keep looking for unnoticed details and share them on the internet to rejoice in the memories. Those movies still manage to surprise us after all these years. Speaking of unnoticed details, how many of you noticed that Disney characters in some of the older movies were a bit too spooky. Perhaps it didn’t seem that way back then but now that we look back at it, they were kinda scary.

It is not easy to understand this from a standalone point of view, so artist Mike Chiechi came up with a very creative idea to bring this detail forward. This New York-based illustrator is a huge fan of the horror genre used in Disney movies. He used his magic of art to combine the iconic Disney characters with those from the older, b&w horror Disney movies. The comparability shows the true horror of the older movies. Mike put them in a way that the iconic characters didn’t feel out of place and felt right at home.

Let’s view some of the artist’s recreations.

1. “Mickey Meets His New Friend To The End!”

2. “The Ground Is Sour, Mickey!!!”

3. “Minnie Walks In On Mickey At An Unfortunate Time…”

4. “Minnie Should Have Never Moved To Haddonfield!”

5. “Mickey And Minnie Meet The Firefly Gang!”

6. “What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism!”

7. “Watch Out Minnie… Zelda Is Coming For You”


To be very honest, these are creepier than I thought they were going to be. If you just think of these situations deeply, oof DIsney was a king at horror genre.

When the artist was asked about their motivation to work on this project, here;s what they had to say:

“Well, I just remember watching the old Disney cartoons when I was a kid and finding them to be pretty spooky. Even when it was completely unintentional! Now, as an animator and a lover of horror, I figured it was only natural to mix them with my favorite horror icons! To me, they really don’t seem THAT out of place next to Mickey and Minnie!”

Scroll down below to continue!

8. “A Still From The Lost Cartoon, “Mickey’s Texas Adventure”!”

9. “Minnie Is A Punk Rocker Now…”

10. “Oh Toodles, Freddy Worm Has Got Minnie!”

11. “Looks Like Mickey Chose The Wrong Day To Go Fishing”

12. “Mickey And Minnie Embark On A Groovy Adventure!”

13. “Freddy Pays Poor Mickey A Visit”

14. “They Have Such Sights To Show You, Mickey!”

15. “Mickey Has A Good Head On His Shoulders…and Another One On His Desk!”

Looks like Halloween came in a little too early because the goosebumps are there and I have been spooked up. Lowkey makes me want to go explore the horror side of Disney and watch some of those black and white era movies to get a better understanding.

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