Artist Known For Her Comics That Make People Cry I’ve just released a new song, but it’s a happy one this time.

Jenny Jinya comic comics are well-known for being tearjerkers, and with good cause. They frequently deal with unpleasant issues such as animal cruelty, neglect, death, and the afterlife, all the while guiding us and staying with us for days on end. A black cat, a duck, an albatross, a lion, an elephant, and a canine groomed to be a warrior were all included in some of her most powerful comics. But this time, the German illustrator dazzled her admirers by doing something very unexpected. “By popular request, I even have now attempted a ‘happy’ comedian,” she tweeted a few days ago accompanying the wonderful comic who has a happy ending.

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Jenny has just published a new strip with a new character and a happy ending.

Jenny says, “I realise that and I analyse a lot about how close they become to individuals.” As a result, she indicated that she wanted to “try to supply her lovers with a few things that would cheer them up” and not depress them.

As a result, she came up with the idea to draw attention to this fox comedian strip, which is her first “happy” one. Jenny first expressed reservations about whether “humans would love this new approach, notably through the technique of introducing the brand new character ‘Life.’” Meanwhile, she found it exhilarating to view his run joyful collection in a new light.

The Reaper, for whom Jenny typically felt sad because he has “an unhappy and lonely profession,” was the one who sparked the new man or woman named “Life.” “Despite his lovely and mild disposition, he regularly gets blamed for everything and meets hostility,” Jenny explained.

It’s critical to realise that the Reaper, like everyone else, “belongs to the cycle of existence.” “It is far existence itself,” Jenny replied, if everyone is aware of and appreciates him.

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