Artist Illustrates Hilarious Comics About Girls’ Daily Life

Of course, every woman is unique in her own way. The majority of them enjoy shopping, while others prefer to stay at home and play action games. Some of them prefer to spend half of their earnings at the salon, while others prefer to save their money for groceries. Yet there are still relatable things in life that you can see, such as hating the monthly period terrible mess and or when you have to throw away your soft cozy old bra or panties, blouses, clothes, or accessories that we still love and adore. No matter how weird ladies are, there are some things about being a woman that we can never deny are true. Every woman is special, and each has her own set of preferences. And we all should agree with this fact.

Thanks to Guerrero, for creating unique and reality-based comics and illustrations that every girl wants to read them. An artist from Aspen has a skilled mastery of depicting real-life problems and knows how to compose those problems in a four-panel picture. Each and every image from her series illustrates the experiences she had faced in her daily routine. She portrays all of the amusing and frustrating problems that a young woman encounters on a regular basis.

We’ve compiled an amazing and brilliant series of her artwork and we are sure you will adore and agree with each illustration. Look through the photos below to see some of Hannah’s amusing comics:

1. A Perfect Relationship Cycle!

2. A Problem That Every Girl Can Relate.

3. Why the girls are unable to find their phones?

4. Calm, healthy, and happy!

Not only girls, but everyone in this universe should know how to create their own happiness. Every human being deserves to be happy, and it’s not difficult to bring positivity and happiness around them.

5. This reality hits so hard.

6. Perfect place to spend every second of your life.

7. Every girl has done this once in her life.

8. From Next Monday Actually!

9. Everyone is enjoying rain except this one lady. And you know the reason!

10. It’s more frustrating when another person is jamming out to music that you hate.

11. This picture is so cozy.

12. Different versions of GIRLFRIEND!

13. Mystery that even James Bond couldn’t solve.

14. Deep Thinking!

15. Blah Blah Blah!

16. Tiresome Process!

17. Flush Flush Away!

18. The moment when you burst out your emotions.

19. Left or right! Ugh, why it’s so confusing.

20. If you ever had a visit to Gynae, you definitely can understand what’s going on.

21. That man’s facial expression tho!

22. When you and your partner are at ease and comfortable with each other.

23. Then vs Now!

We know you loved reading this series of artwork that’s why you have reached the end. And if you are a girl, then we are sure you can relate to every picture from this series.

Is there any problem that you can relate to? Let us know which compiled picture you loved the most in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this artwork with your girlfriend to brighten up their day and lift up their spirits.

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