Artist Draws 18 Disney Princesses As Sailor Moon Characters And Results Are Amazing

Disney Princesses as Sailor Moon characters look phenomenal.

What’s better than seeing two entirely different things together? Seeing two enemies together, two very weird food combinations or you talk about the two very famous animated cartoons/movies. Disney movies are everywhere and we love Disney Princesses. On the other hand, there is Sailor Moon which is famous all over the world. Sailor moon is an excellent anime to watch and as soon as it was released, the rating went high. Although Disney movies are a bit old but the characters are still so fresh. We still go and watch Disney movies and wait for the new ones. Are you a Disney fan or a Sailor Moon fan? What if you are both and can’t decide which one to vote for? It’s better you mix both and create some amazing new characters. A digital artist Drachea Rannak who focuses on anime, has come up with this amazing idea of turning the Disney Princesses into Sailor Moon characters and trust us the results were incredible. Scroll down to appreciate her creativity.

Source:  Drachea Rannak

1. Ariel.

2. Pocahontas.

3. Cinderella.

4. Alice.

5. Wendy.

6. Mulan.

7. Esmeralda.

8. Princess Jasmine.

9. Giselle.

Disney Princesses have a unique personalities. We have always seen them in their typical long dresses and no doubt, they look amazing in the dresses that were created for them. Their dresses are their identity but this new version of Disney Princesses wearing Sailor Moon costumes have us melting. The anime version of Disney Princesses is quite amusing. Scroll down to see more Disney Princesses.

10. Megara.

11. Jessie.

12. Snow White.

13. Belle.

14. Vanellope.

15. Anastasia.

16. Princess Tiana.

17. Rapunzel.

18. Merida.

Are you a Sailor Moon fan or a Disney fan or do you like both? Did you like this new version of Disney Princesses? If yes, which Disney Princess did you like the most?

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