A guy uses Photoshop to make himself have fun adventures with Disney characters, and the result is hilarious (30 Pics)

Many of us dreamed as children of magical places where we could go on wild adventures with a group of cool friends we met in a fantasy world. These friends would accept us as we are, and these wild adventures would be a blast with no worries in the world.Let’s face it, most of these fantasies were inspired by films we saw as children, and the majority of them would combine reality and fantasy. Movies like Mary Poppins (1964), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Space Jam (1996), and others convinced us that the world is full of magic and that we can meet fantasy creatures in real life.Even though these films ensured that movie theatres were packed, as we grew older, we realised that such magic does not exist in the real world. However, one artist refused to grow up and wanted to use Photoshop’s magic to blend himself into Disney’s magical world.

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Luigi Kemo Volo is an illustrator and graphic designer from Bacoli, Naples, Italy. His photo montages, in which he magically inserts Disney characters into real life as if they were real people, are his most well-known work. He has always loved Disney movies and was a huge fan of many Disney characters since he was a child. He was also a huge fan of drawing, especially comics and animations.

Kemo’s artistic needs were difficult to satisfy due to his financial constraints, so luck was not always on his side. He began his career as a full-time bartender, but he also worked part-time as a photographer at various ceremonies and in advertising campaigns.He began his career in the arts in 2002, when he began doing street art and later worked as a writer. He began his journey into the depths of photography ten years later, and in 2014, he became a freelance illustrator.

He experimented a lot as a freelance illustrator and one day decided to combine two of his favourite arts: illustrations and photography. It was a significant step for Kemo because he was able to combine his two passions by entering the world of digital graphics. “Now I can afford to buy all of the materials I need to pursue my interests” (photography and illustration).I only recently started working with digital graphics. That’s how I was able to get my two loves together! “I’m going to draw my favourite animated characters and make an interesting interaction,” the artist explained.

He had always enjoyed the magical Disney world and drawing, but it was his love for his nephew that inspired him to create the series in which he interacts with and “hangs out” with famous Disney characters. All in order to convince his nephew that magic, as well as these characters, are real.

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