A French artist creates humorous comics about everyday struggles (20 New Pics)

Simple things abound in life, and most of us can possibly relate to them. As when your cat treats you badly or when you don’t hold your New Year’s resolutions. Juliette, a French comic artist (previous sections here and here), is back on Bored Panda to present some more light-hearted, funny, and relatable comics.Juliette draws comics about the trials and tribulations of daily life. While living with her cat and partner, she finds inspiration in everyday circumstances.

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Juliette agreed to an interview and told us about her key inspiration for making art and how she went about doing so: “I’ve always enjoyed drawing, so it came naturally to me! I’ve been doodling since I was a kid. I’ve always been a thinker. Then, about the age of 14, I, like many others, started to draw manga. I’ve gone from being a 20-year-old webcomic artist to a 30-year-old webcomic artist.”



Juliette has been drawing comics for over ten years. It was all for fun at the time. At the time, she and her high school friends were big fans of art. Juliette then started to create comics because they were well received.

Her comics are “relatable, cute, and amusing,” according to the artist—at least, that’s what she hopes they are. Juliette describes her style as cartoonish, but she claims that the characters are not manga because they have large eyes.



Juliette revealed that the characters in her comics are shockingly not depictions of herself, her boyfriend, or her cuddly cat. She draws on real-life experiences, often embellishing or dramatising them.



“Coloring is my favourite aspect of art! The most difficult part for me is composing the draught in such a way that it is amusing and, more importantly, amusing in both English and French “When asked about the ups and downs she encounters when writing, the artist said.

She also revealed who her favourite comic book creators are: “ArtbyMoga is a massive source of inspiration for me. Cassandra Calin, Sarah Andersen, Maliki (a French comic artist), and, truly, all of the webcomic artists I’m getting along with are the same way!”














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