8 Illustrations Showing What Disney Characters Would Look Like When They Get Old

Growing old has its own beauty.

Many people, including me, are terrified of growing old, which is natural. Growing old with a loved one or a partner, on the other hand, can be a wonderful experience. You can see how they change over time, and it’s a sight to behold. While this should work in Disney films as well, they don’t want their characters to age. I realise that they want their characters to appeal to younger children, but seeing an adult Snow White just chilling with her animal buddies would be great.

Because of artists all throughout the world, you may see all of this and more. After all, there isn’t anything in the world that hasn’t already been done on the Internet, which is where Isaiah K Stephens comes in. He chose to depict our favourite Disney characters as senior citizens. And you can see some of them for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 He is looking with so much love at Pocahontas.

#2 I bet Snow White still sounds like an Angel.

I wonder if she stayed with the Prince. That is honestly what I am thinking about now.

#3 I can see that Aladdin and Jasmine had a lot of kids.

Did the original tiger pass away and that is his baby? If so, that is sad and heartwarming all the same.

#4 Wait, when did the fish turn into a cat? I really want to know the logistics of it.

Isaiah K Stephens has over 66k Instagram followers, and he deserves each and every one of them. He updates his page with new art pieces on a semi-regular basis. And it’s always entertaining to see. After all, he is an exceptionally gifted artist. So, if you’re interested in seeing more of his work, click here.

#5 Is that scrabble made of Ice? I would love to play that with frozen fingers.

Anna and Elsa seem to be getting along quite well here

#6 Belle looks right in her element but where is the beastly prince?

Belle wants to share her passion for books with her children and it is adorable.

#7 Mulan is still looking as spry as ever with the sword.

I see that Mulan kept her shorter length of hair and she looks great. And this is a beautiful scene.

#8 I can see that Rapunzel grew her hair out again.

What were your thoughts on the illustrations? Do you believe the artist was able to depict each character’s distinct personality? If that’s the case, which of these illustrations did you prefer? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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