”50 Times Talented Artists Amazed Us By Recreating Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans“

Cartoons lend a certain amount of freedom.

Even though Disney has been giving every cartoon movie a live-action treatment in recent years, you can’t do some animated films justice. I’m only trying to emphasise that some things can’t be made better than CGI before folks who genuinely appreciate the new iterations come after me. When it comes to live-action and animation films, the colour palette is always vastly different. Consider The Lion King: while the CGI in the new film is extremely stunning, it also loses what many would call the film’s ‘heart.’

And it’s for this reason that skilled artists creating these cartoon characters in their own style while yet keeping the original ‘heart of the character’ in mind is always fascinating. Today, however, we take this attitude a step further by compiling reimaginings of non-human characters as people made by these artists. While not all of these artists are to your taste, you can’t dispute that they are all extremely skilled.

#1 I didn’t think penguins could have such varying personalities.

#2 The expressions of Judy and Nick are spot-on!

#3 Duchess and Thomas sure do look happy.

#4 True love right here between Mickey and Minnie.

#5 The pink strip in Judy’s hair just makes this perfect.

#6 Pumba looks like he is thinking hard about something.

#7 I didn’t think these hyena’s could look any eviler.

#8 Lady and the Tramp have such adorable expressions.

#9 I am having mixed feelings about this handsome Scar.

#10 Basically, there is no difference in Louis.

#11 I have to say that anime Eve looks adorable.

#12 This is definitely Olaf, no doubt.

#13 Dory is looking great with that dumbstruck look.

#14 No question, this is perfect.

#15 Perry looks even suaver as a human.

#16 They made Bell Weather way too adorable.

#17 Rainbow Dash looks way too cool.

#18 I have to admit Tuffy looks quite cute.

#19 All the Loony Tunes as humans.

#20 The expressions are basically the same.

#21 We have got some of the cast of The Lion King.

#22 Mittens and Bolt have great hair in this.

#23 Has Bb-8 ever looked cuter?

#24 The hoodie is a great addition.

#25 Even I have to admit that Simba is looking way too handsome for his original character.

I know that some of these may ruin the character for you but all of these have a lot of effort put into them. And even if I don’t like some of these characters when putting them beside the original ones, I can admit that every artist did a great job showing off their unique talent.

#26 All the Chip n Dale characters.

#27 They are making quite extreme Duck faces.

#28 And we have Animaniacs here.

#29 Some of the Disney horses as humans.

#30 I would watch a Sonic anime.

#31 What can I even say about this Bugs Bunny other than this guy wouldn’t be a kid’s show character.

#32 A female Pikachu here.

#33 We have Marlin and another Dory.

#34 Pinky and the brain look great.

#35 Right here we have Dodger and Rita with Oliver.

#36 This art style is quite unique.

#37 All the characters from Winnie The Pooh but no honey.

#38 Another character from my Little Pony, Pinkie Pie.

#39 I never imagined toothless as a human but this is exactly how he would look.

#40 Anime Chipmunks right here.

#41 Right here we have a reverse.

#42 Apple bloom looks adorable.

#43 If the cars were human.

#44 Minnie Mouse has never looked cuter.

#45 Charizard is gonna burn his jacket.

#46 Pepe Le Pew has always been creepy.

#47 This doesn’t represent how annoying Minions are.

#48 We have a Scottish Smurf here.

#49 This probably required a lot of work but I am creeped out.

#50 When did Daffy get this angry?

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