30 Witty Comics Showing What An Everyday Life For A Superhuman Would Be

What is a superhero’s normal life like?

I mean whenever we see a superhero movie or read a comic, we always see them in action. They are either trying to save the world or going through some sort of precarious situation. However, have you ever thought about what they do when there aren’t villains wrecking up the city? Like, what is their normal life? That is the question that keeps me up at times. And it seems I am not the only one.

Because there is an artist who goes by the name Dragonarte who are always thinking about similar situations. And that is how we ended up with these comics. Their art style is not only unique but they also tend to show our favourite comic book heroes in normal situations that every human being goes through. So you don’t have to imagine it anymore as you can see it with your own eyes by scrolling below.


#1 This just makes me wonder if batman would be worthy.

#2 Spiderman is pretty lucky that he ended up with this sort of mutation and not a horrific one.

#3 How does superman look better than Wonderwoman?

#4 Maybe it really is only a flashlight and we have been misled.

#5 This is the best and only use for laser eyes in my mind.

#6 So this is where Michael Jackson ended up.

#7 Nothing is better than a bat-themed umbrella.

#8 Thor can’t believe that the kid is worthy.

#9 Even batman needs bedtime stories to have a goodnight sleep sometimes.

#10 To be fair, that is how Vikings actually wore their hair.

#11 Where else is he supposed to put on nail polish?

#12 This is why this sort of action scene would never work in real life.

#13 Everyone needs Robin at the end of the day.

#14 I sure hope he didn’t pee in the water.

Dragonarte has been posting on Instagram for a long time and they have already amassed over 200 k followers and they seem to be growing each and every day. While they don’t draw exclusively about superheroes, that is where most of their attention lies. However, you can check out even more of their work on Instagram. They seem to post semi-regularly so their followers never seem to run out of content.

#15 This does make a lot of sense.

#16 I suppose spiderman has to turn vegetarian now.

#17 That would be a very scratchy beard indeed.

#18 Batman might be able to fly one day, we don’t know.

#19 That is how all the cool kids are wearing their hair nowadays.

#20 Is this how dogs on Krypton act like?

#21 Hulk should never be in the top bed.

#22 Superman is just way too overpowered.

#23 Santa should have known this would happen.

#24 That is one way to look at it.

#25 ‘Do you bleed?’

#26 We have finally solved as to why the Joker is always laughing.

#27 At least he woke up before the cat pooped.

#28 This sort of thing must happen all the time.

#29 Daredevil is not happy with this sort of prank.

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