30 Adorable and Hilarious Parrot Comics to Brighten Your Day

Do you have such a good understanding of your pet that you can make him laugh? Sarah is one of them. The 25-year-old Texas woman has two birds: a sweet but obnoxious cockatiel, a chicken, and a tiny but obnoxious parrot called Blue Child, to whom she has dedicated an entire comedy series.

“From a screen perspective, [stories are mainly about] humans, so ‘chicken ideas’.” I admire birds’ intelligence, as well as their irrationality. – I’m sure we’re in the same boat!

The majority of the strips are based on real-life pet behaviour and are often recalled whenever Sarah’s birds do something amusing. ‘One of the unique aspects of the series is that I draw comics about some of my readers’ pets and feature them as guest stars! People will tell me a little about their birds, and I will respond with amusing imagery. ‘My squinty eyes.’

Sarah draws comics because she enjoys satire and memes, as you can see in her work. They are fun-loving and self-aware. Comedians, on the other hand, are plentiful. They, on the other hand, are completely aware of the complexities of living with other parrots and their behaviour. Continue scrolling to see them all.

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There’s even a book about it! Chicken Comedy: Bird comics will debut on November 1, 2020, but tickets are already on sale. Sarah has definitely put in a lot of effort to get to this point. “I’ve been making jokes for my friends since I was at least 11 years old,” the self-taught artist said. Jackie, my best friend, and I were in the same class in elementary school.We also make cartoons of our classmates and show them to one another. ‘Sarah Potato is a friend of mine, and she loves other bird cartoonists such as Bird Thing. She still adores animals and considers them to be even more human-like.


‘Many people are perplexed as to why the cartoon chicken Lutino is a guy and the actual chicken is a grey girl. It drew my attention and I shared it on Facebook’s Bird Community. ‘People asked me to make a page and post more because the movie was so famous! So, based on chicken, a funny chicken became my real-life duck.









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