20 Funny Father-Daughter Comics That Will Teach You Important Life Lessons

The reality is that no one is born with the experience needed to be an excellent parent. There are things that you learn over time when you start having children and you need to understand how this process works, which is not always easy to understand.

However, if we are able to consider it, we will still obtain assistance. And sometimes the support comes from unexpected locations, such as the comic strips of Chris Grady, a father of a family who has spent some time recounting his family’s memories in an imaginative and amusing manner.Grady’s beautiful project, Lunarbaboon, is dedicated to drawing sobering comics, where he can share the experiences he’s had with his two daughters.

Grady asserts that it is through this that he has been able to overcome his anxiety and depression spells, always attempting to reflect on the positive aspects of life and seeing the pleasant side of the things that happen in our day-to-day lives.

That is how this man has transformed the most basic aspects of everyday life into a loving and understanding example that seeks to reflect the human, truthful, and kind side that everything in our lives can have.

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Grady is motivated by his family, as predicted, and he considers himself lucky to have the wife he does, someone who has persevered and fought alongside him, and whom he describes as his ideal partner. This has given each of his drawings an optimistic and safe approach, leaving aside the fanciful part about everything having to be bright, colours, and smiles.As a process, we are getting closer to the human and authentic aspects of life. Accepting things as they are leads to natural healing.

Grady says of his sketches, “The comic is my escape valve and the place to go to show what I feel.” “It isn’t exactly a treatment for anxiety or depression. I’m not aware of any at the moment, but it certainly helps channel some of that energy. Instead of allowing my mind to loop around negative thoughts, I try to refocus it on humorous ideas.

Grady’s fans, in reality, felt fully identified with his stories, which is why they started to give him messages of hope, encouraging him to keep creating his wonderful art.

That is why, today, we will present you with the ten most fascinating comic strips by this remarkable artist, each of which will present you with very interesting and truthful life lessons that we can all learn during our lives on this planet.












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