13 Wholesome And Accurate Comics About Dogs And Cats That Show Life Is Fun With Pets

Pets make out lives better and brighter.

One could say our lovely pets are born with this natural ability to comfort their owners. Be it any sort of stress. No matter how much trouble you’re in. That one sign of your pet animal rushing right towards you with a big bright smile on its face can easily kill all that trouble and stress. Even organizations like the police hire animals for the purpose of comfort. Dogs are very good at this. They help reduce stress in a very stressful police office environment. And they are also very helpful during investigations as their presence relieves the person being integrated from the anxiety that the whole scenario causes.

Pets are wholesome. And anything that involves them, I’m game. Today we’ve got some wholesome comics about our very own cats and dogs. Comic artist Beanie loves illustrating her life and her obsession with cats and dogs. She is currently on the lookout to adopt a doggo. She doesn’t have any pets currently, but you really don’t have to own one to be obsessed with them. We hope you find an adorable pupper real soon.

Scroll down below to check out Beanie’s amazing comic creations.

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1. Four things that cats love doing.

2. Here are four cute things that dogs love doing.

3. Dogs know all the right buttons to push to grab your attention.

4. It always feels like you’ve stepped on your own heart.

5. You can never guess a cats’ next mood.

6. Come on Mommy take the hint. It wants belly rubs.

These comics are so damn accurate. I love every single one of them so far. The illustration of the dogs and the cats is so cute, it’s not easy to look away from these. I feel like I could go through a thousand of these and never get bored. See that thing that I said earlier above pet animals helping relieve our stress? It works so well. I kid you not, my muscles automatically started relaxing as I went through these comics. And then slowly that smile gets bigger and wider. That’s the impact pets can have on humans. Hats off to Beanie for conveying it all so perfectly. What about you guys? How do you like it so far?

Don’t worry, it’s not over. We’ve got ample more cat and dog comics coming right your way.

7. An impatient doggo had been patiently waiting…Zoomies were definitely expected.

8. How to rightly point out a dog.

9. Not just pets but companions as well.

10. When a spot an adorable pup on the street.

11. A cold pop that changes your life forever.

12. When dog spotting becomes a real challenge.

13. Where do you look for a dog lover? Near a dog.

And that is all. Such a wholesome experience. The comics were so accurate and perfect. I assume you can all guess beanie’s preference when it comes to pets. It is obviously a doggo. But all the cat comics were equally amazing which shows it’s all about creativity and imagination.

I really hope you guys had a joyful experience viewing these comics. You can check out more of Beanie’s work via the links mentioned above. Feel free to share how you guys felt about these illustrations. Stay tuned for more goodness..

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